UV Light Disinfectant Systems

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What are UV Systems?

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that lies between visible light and x-rays, at a wave length of 254nm. UV light alters the DNA of micro-organisms. Breaking the DNA strand causes the micro-organism to become sterile and unable to replicate.

A properly designed UV system enables the process of disinfection to occur very rapidly – micro-organisms such as E. Coli that cannot replicate to produce larger and larger colonies will pass through the body without causing illness, sickness or vomiting.

  • In short, UV Light works by ending harmful bacteria, such as E-Coli or Cryptosporidiums ability to reproduce
UV Light Disinfectant Systems

Why Choose a UV System?

One can never be too safe in relation to harmful bacteria. A soundly fitted and specced UV system is the only way to guarantee the microbiological quality of the water.

For private water systems, a UV light is by far the best option. People may choose to chlorinate their water, but doing this to a private water source is difficult as one may get the wrong amount, they may forget, the may simply not know how to. A UV System, once left to its devices, can work independently for up to a year without human interaction.

A UV System is superior to chlorination because:

  • Safe, reliable and easy to apply
  • NO moving parts to wear out
  • NO disinfection by-products (DBP’s) or residuals
  • NO resistance as with chlorine and antibiotics
  • NO regrowth of viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Lower capital investment when compared to chlorine or ozone systems
  • LOW power consumption
  • NO hazardous chemicals to store and/or handle
  • Simple maintenance, only yearly lamp replacement (provided water quality parameters are met)
  • Immediate contact time (no need for contact or storage tanks)
  • NO change in water chemistry
  • NO effect on taste or odour of water

Where are they Installed?

We offer a full range of domestic and commercial sized UV Systems.

For residential dwellings with more than one tap or sink, we’d advise placing your system at the Point of Entry (POE), rather than Point of Use (POU), to ensure the whole dwelling receives safe, wholesome water.

For dwellings with only one tap or sink, the system can be placed at the POU.

The system is largely considered to be the final line in defence for problem water, as such, if the user has multiple contaminants in their water source; the UV System should always be placed after a sediment pre-filter

UV disinfection is extremely effective BUT only if the UV light can pass through the water it needs to treat.   This means that the quality of the water is very important to ensure complete disinfection.   The following parameters should not be exceeded:

Hardness – 120 mg/l as CaCO3

Iron – 0.3 mg/l

Manganese – 0.05 mg/l

Turbidity – 1 NTU

Tannins – 0.1 mg/l

A pre-filter of at least 5 micron should always be installed prior to the UV.


Here at J & F Water Treatment; we only believe in supplying the very best in Water Purification equipment, that’s why we’re proud to be the UK’s main supplier for Luminor UV Systems.

Luminor are the only UV Disinfectant System we chose to stock.

They offer a number of innovative and unique features, rarely seen in the industry.

To find out more, visit our product page: https://www.jandfwatertreatment.co.uk/products/uv-disinfection/

Sample Screens from the LB5 UV Light controllers.

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