Multiple Issues with Water Supply in a Newly Dug Well

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We recently worked with another customer of ours who had multiple issues with their water supply in a newly dug well.  The issues within this domestic property were, turbidity hardness, iron, manganese, bacteria, and a slight trace of colour. There are many ways to combat these issues, have a look what we came up with…

The filter ag+ unit was supplied and dealt with the turbidity. Did you know that it has a surface area 100 times greater than silica sand, resulting in better filtration?

Next, we move onto the Ecomix C unit, which cleared out the hardness, colour, iron & manganese issues. Have you ever seen us not supply Ecomix when customers are having trouble with hardness? We don’t think so! Ecomix helps with a lot of troubles you may be facing with your water supply… If you want to read up on all the filter medias and resins please click here, and you can read about us banging on about our love for Ecomix some more.

And as always, the UV was supplied last and stripped out the bacteria from the water, that could otherwise have been shadowed by other contaminants in the water.


Overall, the customer was very satisfied and now has clean crystal-clear water.

It’s another good job done from us here at J&F, and please remember that if you’re having any issues at all with your water just give us a call and we can create bespoke, tailored water treatment solutions just for your commercial or domestic property.

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