Commercial water treatment solutions


J&F Water Treatment is your single source supplier proving a service you can trust.

We work closely with customers from an ever growing range of industries such a wineries; breweries; distilleries; food manufacturers; livestock, fruit and vegetable farms and plant nurseries.

From your initial enquiry we will work closely with you to create a solution based on a water analysis and from the requirements discussed during consultation with one of our expert team.

Whether you need clean water to benefit the health of your livestock or a consistent water quality for food or drink production we can help you!

Whatever your needs, we are confident that our expertise will provide the treatment solution for your specific requirements from simple water softeners and sediment filters through to large scale full reverse osmosis plants.

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Whether your farm is supplied by mains water or borehole water we can help improve the quality based on the results of a water analysis.

There are a multitude of benefits to supplying a quality water supply to your livestock:

  • Poor quality drinking water may cause the livestock to drink less than they need, or even not drink at all, affecting their general health
  • Supplying water with a sodium content below 50 ppm gives the poultry better growth and improved egg laying quotas
  • Water of consistent quality allows farmers to provide “feed” of a consistent nature
  • Removing iron, manganese and hardness will also make heat exchangers more efficient and prolong the service life

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Commercial water treatment solutions

Wineries, breweries & distilleries

A consistently good quality water supply is one of the most important factors in the beverage industry to ensure the best tasting wine, spirits and beer.

In such a competitive industry it is imperative that you stay ahead of the competition and meet the high quality standards required.

Treated water can also help maximise the efficiency of equipment.

We can also offer help and advice if you are considering switching from mains to borehole water to reduce costs.

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Commercial water treatment solutions

Food Production

When it comes to food and drink production a crystal clear water source is a priority. Water is a key ingredient throughout the entire food production process from cleaning the raw ingredients, keeping the workplace and equipment clean and sterilised to cooling and maintaining the machinery.

Therefore, clean water of a safe and consistent quality is of utmost importance to any serious food manufacturer.

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Commercial water treatment solutions

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis systems provide effective, efficient water purification. No matter the size of your business, we will have the right solution for you.

The RObust series provides clear water for domestic use and small businesses. The Commercial series provides purified water for larger businesses with flow rate requirements between 6,500 and 36,000 litres per day. Finally, we also offer Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems for large, established businesses requiring heavy quantities of purified water.

Take a look at our the Reverse Osmosis systems we have on offer.

Commercial water treatment solutions

Borehole treatment

If you are drawing, or plan to draw water, from a borehole you will need some kind of pre treatment for your water supply.

We always recommend that an Ultra Violet disinfection system be installed to any form of private water supply but we will also need to discuss any further water treatment requirements based on a water analysis and the results you require.

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