A Recent Delivery

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This is a quick recap on a recent delivery we had, on the outside it looked like your average stock top up of lots of different sized mineral tanks, cabinet softeners and brine tanks, which it was exactly that. This delivery however is super important as it’ll go into lots of different tailored water solutions to make everything work. For example, this delivery will go into making anything from a 6 litre softener to a 150 litre duplex softener within the brine tanks it, can help with iron and manganese treatment or used in pH correction units.


Need to treat hard water?

This delivery will help for many locations and property types. Anything from a small house to a large factory, a borehole to manufacturing companies. This delivery will provide components to help with all of that. 

With the products in this delivery it’ll enable us to create bespoke, tailored fitted solutions for your water treatment needs for any domestic or commercial locations. 

The Products

The cabinet softeners are great in your water treatment solutions as it prevents scale build up in appliances, pipework, faucets and shower heads. For more information on this product please click here.

Next up we have the mineral tanks, all our mineral tanks (pressure vessels) are manufactured in the EU and are suitable for use in industrial and potable water treatment systems. We carry a full range of sizes  from 6” diameter through to 42” diameter. Like always, if you want more information please click here…or feel free to give us a call and we can discuss other options with you. 

As mentioned before, we also have the brine tanks that are vital to any bespoke tailored water treatment solution. Whether for a domestic application of an industrial requirement, we will have a brine tank suitable for your needs. We can provide brine tanks as part of a full system, with a softener or as a standalone purchase. Whether you are looking to install a tank as part of a full water treatment system, or as a replacement or upgrade to an existing system, we can accommodate you. For more information please click here…or give us a call and we can create a bespoke system for you to help with your clean water filter needs. 

UK Office Enquiries or call us on 01538 399048

Ireland Office Enquiries or call us on 067 34222

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