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Hello everyone, welcome back to Newsday Tuesday. Hope you all had a lovely weekend basking in the sunshine. Let’s get into this week’s updates, shall we?

New in Now- Sapphire Cabinet Water Softeners

J&F has now received the new design of Sapphire Cabinet Water Softeners. Let’s tell you about them.

Hard water is probably one of the most highly demanded issues to solve in the water treatment industry, especially in the South.

For those plagued by hard water, the Sapphire range of 20L water softener cabinets gives customers the chance to have luxurious water for the whole house. Designed and manufactured in the UK with patented Clack Valves, this advanced water treatment system boasts a stylish, compact, and cost-efficient design perfect for modern living.


Why should customers buy a softener?

  • For customers, unsightly remnants of limescale around the shower, bath, and sinks will be a thing of the past.
  • Efficient and carbon-neutral – helps towards saving money on energy bills (24% savings on average.)
  • Eliminates expensive heating bills – no more scale build-up in the pipework or boiler.
  • Increases effectiveness and lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers.
  • Kind for the skin.
  • Laundry feels softer and looks visibly brighter.
  • Helps reduce the substantial cost of soap and detergents (50% saving.)
  • Compact- easy install in utility rooms or kitchens but still maintains a high capacity.
  • Advanced technology that is highly efficient yet simple to use.
  • Versatile- 3 models for almost any size household.

If you ask me, those list of benefits are enough to get me to buy one.


Timed or Metered?

The metered models measure the amount of water consumption and only regenerate when necessary, therefore saving both on salt and water used during the softening regeneration.

Time clock water softeners regenerate on a calendar that is pre-set but can easily be changed, normally every 2 or 3 days.

Both can equally be praised for helping the household save water while requiring little maintenance as you can just leave them to do their magic.

Cost Effective Commercial R.O’s

With the discovery of new rare contaminants, increasing water quality standards, and cost pressures, Reverse Osmosis is becoming an increasingly popular solution to provide pure water for commercial industries. The advanced technology beats conventional methods of purifying water for industries in power generation, Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, and hospitality industries, to name a few.

Our range of Ecosoft Commercial R.O systems’ have the ability to provide a high filtered water output; ranging from 6,500 to 36,000 litres of water per day, making them versatile for any commercial environment. The filtration is a far more effective treatment and reliable process compared to using chemicals, due to the system’s being equipped with carbon block filters and sediment filters. This ensures a filtration process of 99.8% effectiveness, making reverse osmosis one of the most reliable water filter solutions on the market.

Customers can now get all the advantages of perfect quality drinking water thanks to J&F’s range of Ecosoft commercial reverse osmosis systems. These cost-effective systems provide top-quality technology paired with a compact and practical design. Never before has having access to pure water been easier. Go on, you know you want to take a look.

Bespoke Systems

Sometimes water treatment can be difficult; J&F wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t. That’s why we provide a bespoke system service; if you need a whole system built for a customer’s specific needs, then J&F has you covered. We’ll build you a fully customised water treatment solution that is uniquely designed for the water supply you need to treat.



We understand everyone’s water treatment needs are different, and it can be difficult finding the right solution. We’ll help guide you through gathering the right information about your customers’ water supply and can assemble everything on a rig/skid rather than sending everything separately to make it easier for you. This allows it to be positioned in the most discreet way. We even pre-program everything and fill the tanks up, so it’s just down to you to plug it in, connect up your water supply and switch it on! We’re all about making life easy, so let’s take the hassle out of installation… and water treatment for that matter.

Well, that finishes off that round-up this week, hope you enjoyed it.

As always, if you have any queries our expert team is always on hand. Give us a call on:

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