Newsday Tuesday- Updates & Parasites

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Hey everyone,

Hope you’ve all been well these past few weeks. Given everything that’s going on, I’m proud to say we’re still going strong and we have a lot to update you on, so strap yourselves in!

We can't do anymore jokes about the Ever Given thing? Well, I guess that ship has sailed.

Do you remember how we said we’d keep you in the loop with shipping updates? Given everything happening with Coronavirus and Brexit, things have been a bit tough, however we’re proud to say we’re still going and haven’t had any casualties… fingers crossed that remains to be the case.

We’re going to be straight up with you here and say yes, there are inevitably still delays, and it doesn’t help that a major part of this is due to the massive Freightliner the Ever Given.

“Nice one Captain.”

I think everyone’s seen this story and can understand how it’s become somewhat of a problem for a lot of companies out there. The megaship stopped approximately 360 ships travelling down the Suez Waterway, which has unfortunately triggered repercussions for shipping during the next 2-3 months… I know, crazy right?! Seeing as we get a lot of our products from Europe, our shipping has been affected.

Interesting add on too, there may also be a potential ‘tug of war’ between carriers and shipping companies about whether or not a ‘Suez-Charge’ should be implemented. A controversial move, being as freight rates have risen already.

Keep a look out on our upcoming Newsday Tuesdays for any extra updates regarding new and exciting shipping scandals! (Don’t worry, though, we still have plenty in stock for you to get your hands on.)

Stock, Stock everywhere.. we’re drowning over here!

In other news, Adam our Warehouse Supervisor, has been a busy bee! He’s overseen and organised a massive delivery of lots of pallets being sent out. Some are going to Ireland and the rest to customers in the UK. It was a big old order to put together, and here’s a breakdown of what was included:

Going out to UK customers and Ireland we have:

Our warehouse is quite literally overflowing, but not with water, just water treatment.

Click on one of the images below to take a closer look.

Anyone want to read about a parasite?

Lastly, we have a little segment to talk about Cryptosporidium, as this has been a hot topic for our water treatment audience at the moment.

To put it simply, this nasty little sucker is a parasite commonly found in farm animals that can cause a disease called cryptosporidiosis; within farm animals and also humans. Unfortunately, this cyst can easily get into public water supplies, as after the farm animals have done their thing on the grasslands, the rain comes down and washes all of the awfulness into our rivers… yay!

In comparison to say Salmonella that, yes, would make you extremely ill, Cryptosporidium can cause death – especially if you’re immune supressed.

Don’t panic just yet! You can’t kill Cryptosporidium with chemicals like you would expect from the municipal water supply, but you can eliminate them with UV light, or a 1 Micron Absolute Filter.

So there you go, there’s hope after all.

Hope you enjoyed that one today folks, and as always if you’ve got any questions, queries or would like to place an order, then get in touch with us on 01538 399048 or if you prefer, send us a message by clicking here.

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