Newsday Tuesday- Why choose P’ure Balance for your customers, more shipping updates & a selection of our most popular filter medias.

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Welcome back everyone, are we ready to dive in?

P’ure Balance; your new go to reverse osmosis drinking system

Attention for it is high.

Competition is fierce.

And household demand for pure water is growing.

Here at J&F we understand how important clean, pure and safe drinking water is. Reverse osmosis is the most effective technology to use when needing to remove bacteria, odours and other impurities, ensuring your water is clean and still tastes great.

Pure and tasty drinking water has never been easier thanks to the Ecosoft P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis Filter and its multi-stage filtration technology. P’ure Balance is J&F’s favourite product to recommend for drinking water, firstly, because of the unique integrated Aquaspring filter that infuses the water with calcium and magnesium minerals. For customers, it’ll make their drinking water, tasty, healthy, pure and fresh. Therefore improving their wellbeing all while having the convenience of it being at hand without having to spend additional money on bottled water.

This particular model also wastes less water compared to other reverse osmosis models due to the Aquagreen filter, meaning it’s cost-effective too.

In case you missed it, we’re actually offering a limited-time free upgrade on these reverse osmosis drinking systems. We’re offering you the chance to upgrade any 5 or 6 Stage Drinking System to a P’ure Balance, on us. The P’ure Balance are the more advanced drinking filtration system, and we want you to reap all the benefits, on us.

*Offer ends 4th June and only while stocks last. Please call for pricing on 01538 399048*

Important Shipping Updates

The global shipping situation is still causing unavoidable delays and issues. J&F wanted to update you on the current circumstances and inform you on what this means for your orders.

What’s going on?

Shipping struggles have recently been exacerbated due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in China, causing severe congestion in Yantian Terminal.

The terminal operations were disrupted from the 27th May to the 28th, with the acceptance of loaded containers being stopped. Consequently, stock deliveries are delayed because of such high demand and the fierce competition for space. From 28th May things began picking back up, but slowly. With the terminal already being massively congested because of the competition for space, it is expected that some containers will miss their scheduled pick up, and delivery times will become longer.

What does this mean for your orders with J&F?

Due to the ongoing issues with shipping and freight delays, this could affect next day shipping, and our ability to receive stock. We will of course continue to get your goods to you as quickly as we can, however, you may want to keep in mind the possibility of delays when placing your orders.

The global shipping situation is affecting everyone at the moment, and whilst we will do everything we can to mitigate the effects this may have on your orders, we hope you can appreciate that these delays will be outside of our control.

Our Most Popular Filter Medias And How They’ll Change Your Water Treatment Game

Water filter materials are a must have for the water treatment process. So we want to go over some of our favourites, for all kinds of water treatment purposes!



This is our current go to, just because it’s so easy and simple… pretty much idiot proof. This media provides an extremely effective and highly efficient all-in-one solution to tend to the removal of iron, manganese, ammonia, organic matter, and water hardness. J&F offers both Ecomix A and P depending on the quality of water you need to treat. Be sure to look at our product information to see which one will suit you best.

Or you can take a look at this other blog post for a more in-depth look at the difference between Ecomix A and Ecomix P.

Ecomix is a newer, more advanced filter media, that can save you and your customers time and money.


Next up, we’ve got Pyrolox. This one is a high performance media for the removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. Through the oxidisation process, particles from the iron, manganese etc. become trapped within the media and are removed from the system during a backwash cycle. Introducing an oxidant feed then maintains the long-term performance of the media and continues to produce clean, safe, high quality water.

Filter Ag+

Filter Ag+ is an ideal choice for effective turbidity removal. A combination of a large surface area and microporous structure make this media very efficient at removing stubborn matter. Further, the rough surface area and porous abilities allow the media to maintain a long service life. In turn, you’ll have more effective filter runs due to its high sediment loading capacity and conserve water because of the reduced amount of backwashing needed.



Semidol is your partner in crime if pH is your issue. This is a very fast acting and efficient filter media, designed to correct acidic pH levels in problem water. As well as this, its stress free and unproblematic as It also doesn’t interfere with other media during the filtration process because it reacts neutrally. Semidol can also be used to aid in iron and manganese removal from water.



Nitrates are one of the most common contaminants in private UK water sources deriving from products such as fertilisers. Unfortunately, nitrates are highly soluble in water and if not filtered, can cause health problems. This is where NR-1 comes to the rescue!

NR-1 resin has been specifically developed for selective nitrate removal and refreshes uses regular softener salt. This media is a durable, premium-grade, anion exchange resin and offers a long service life. Perfect for use at farms, wastewater disposal sites, and golf courses. NR-1 can be configured for simplex and duplex systems, depending on your requirements.

Browse our range where we stock media for additional problems such as tannin removal, odour and chlorine.

If you’re interested to see where we’ve used these medias’ in certain industries, have a read of our case studies here.

That’s all we have for you this week. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine, if you can.

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