Newsday Tuesday- R.O’s for purifying drinking water, and another massive delivery

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Hello, and welcome back to your Newsday Tuesday weekly updates. This week we’re talking about an array of domestic reverse osmosis systems and another big Eurotrol delivery.


New Product in Stock: Aquapoint Ecosoft whole house filter

We know how much people love seeing a new product reveal, and honestly, you should rightfully be excited because this filter is going to go down a storm.

Here we have the Aquapoint filter; a whole house water filter that is able to provide pure water for daily household needs in houses or apartments. Whether the water is coming from a municipal supply or borehole, the Aquapoint filter solves problems with your customers’ water.

Although small, it’s mighty and packs a punch against nasty contaminants. Ecosoft have taken into consideration the six most common water issues customers face and compiled clever water treatment technology to eradicate them. These are as follows:


Not only that, but you can easily connect it up to a softener, for an advanced whole house solution.

Want to know the features? Take a look below.

Benefits for the customer:

  • 6 solutions for common water problems
  • Treatment for municipal or borehole water supply
  • Pure and odourless water- not staining on surfaces or pipework build up
  • Compact design – convenient and practical
  • Washing machines, dishwashers and other such appliances will operate better and for longer

Benefits for dealers:

  • Easy and simple installation in just 60 minutes – can be installed on the floor or hung on the wall
  • Easy connection from any side of the filter
  • Simple service – Gauges on the panel notify when maintenance is needed
  • A softener can be easily connected

Even more good news, the Aquapoint is currently on offer at £158.75 (ex. VAT), however we have a limited number in stock at this price, and when they are gone, they’re gone. So we encourage you to jump on this offer while you still can, and add a brand new whole house filter to your collection.

*Please note – replacement filters are not supplied with the Aquapoint filter.*

Why buy a drinking water filter?

If you haven’t seen or heard of either the 5&6 stage drinking systems or the P’ure Balance from Ecosoft, where have you been? Living under a rock?

These are drinking purification systems made by Ecosoft; the people who know water treatment best.

Drinking water filters such as the 5&6 stage drinking systems and P’ure Balance ensure customers have access to pure filtered water, which is then reinfused with important minerals such as magnesium, calcium and fluoride.

Water purification not only helps remove potentially harmful microorganisms, but also helps prevent limescale; lengthening the lifespan of customers’ appliances.

Simultaneously the taste, smell and appearance of the water are instantly improved. People often buy bottled water to avoid the taste and odour of chlorine or hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs). We understand why because no one wants to be hit with that when they hold a glass of tap water up to their mouth. With the advanced filtration technology in these drinking systems, contaminants from tarnished water pipes or fertiliser run-off won’t be a worry anymore.

P'ure Balance Reverse Osmosis

The 5&6 stage and  P’ure Balance drinking systems both provide households with clean and safe drinking water, free from dissolved and suspended particles, organic matter and other substances. By installing a drinking purification system, customers will have access to on hand clean water that is free from bad tastes and odours.

If you have a customer that could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more.

Dual and Triple Housing Drinking Kits- Ireland

In other news, Ireland have some drinking water kits available for purchase. These are suited perfectly to be used in residential settings, plus, they’re already connected when sold to make the installation process straightforward.

Here’s what you get:

10″ Double or Triple Housing, 1/4″ Port, White, Direct Coupled

Double or Triple Bracket



Saddle Valve

2 x ¼”MaleThread x ¼” Push

1 x 7/16 Female Thread x ¼” Push Fit Tap Adaptor

1 x ½” Female Thread x ¼” Push

1m ¼” Tubing

The images below show both the dual and triple 10” housing variations, however, exclude the filters. So you can freely choose what filters are needed, making this a very versatile piece of kit.


And another delivery

When we say this, we’re not exaggerating; it feels like a different delivery truck is turning up every hour outside our warehouse recently. If you’re not already aware, lots of business’s have been experiencing issues with shipping and freight, including us. You can read more about the latest updates on shipping here. Even through these hard times, it’s positive things are going back to normal, slowly but surely.

Last Tuesday another very large Ecosoft delivery decided to turn up (after the previous Newsday Tuesday went live… typical right!) Here’s what we got:


  • Softener valves
  • Valve injectors
  • Clack adapters
  • Anti-Scalent
  • Membrane & post filter RO Packs
  • Replacement filters for Ecosoft pitchers
  • Replacement filters for Dewberry
  • Re-mineralising filters (push fit)
  • P’ure Balance replacement filter packs
  • Replacement filters for 3 stage filters
  • Replacement filters for RO units
  • Ecosoft P’ure Balance pumped RO’s
  • “O” rings for Ecosoft RO housings
  • Residential RO pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Aquapoint whole house filter systems
  • RO faucets
  • RO shut off valves
  • White housing sumps
  • 50gpd flow restrictors- Green
  • 75gpd flow restrictors- Blue
  • 100gpd flow restrictors- White
  • Ecosoft 5 stage pumped R.O’s
  • Ecomix type A (25L bags)
  • Ecomix type C (25L bags)
  • 10” housings
  • 20” housings
  • 5” x 10” string wound filters (1,5,10 and 20 micron)
  • 5” x 10” spun polypropylene filters (5 micron)
  • 5“ x 20“ spun polypropylene filters (5 and 20 micron)
  • 50gpd membranes
  • 100gpd membranes
  • 5“ x 10“ carbon block filters (10 micron)
  • 2“ x 10“ in-line carbon filters
  • 500gpd membranes
  • Robust 1500
  • Robust 3000

Wow, that was a lot. I think that’s the biggest delivery we’ve told you about on Newsday Tuesday for a while now. As I said, it’s as if everything’s decided to turn up at once.

Luckily for us, we had a new starter join us last week to help Adam out in the warehouse. His name is Brandon, and from what we know of him so far he loves ultra-speed racing and custard creams.

That’s all from us this week and we’re now signing off, especially after going through that long list of water treatment products. As always, please contact us if you need any help, advice or assistance regarding any water treatment queries or issues.


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