Blackcomb UV Controller Guide

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UV Disinfection Controller Quick Guide

The Blackcomb UV Disinfection system has a very intuitive, easy to use controller. It’s designed to be easy to navigate, simple to understand and to provide you with the essential information you need to know to keep your water supply safe.

We have put together this guide to help clarify what the various screens mean, and what (if anything) you need to do. Feel free to save this page, print it off and use it as a quick reference sheet when you’re next checking over your UV system… or the next time it starts blaring an alarm at you.



Before we get going, here’s a good rule of thumb:

If the screen is green everything is okay and operating correctly.

If the screen is amber then something requires attention.

If the screen is red then the UV Disinfection is not operating efficiently and attention is required immediately.

The Basic Screens

There are three main screen to the UV Disinfection system. If you press the button in the middle of the controller, you’ll be able to cycle through them.

Please Note: The screens displayed in this guide show the default settings for the Blackcomb UV controller. The information will always be the same, however displays may change slightly in appearance. This is particularly true if the dealer/supplier’s information has been included on the controller.

Home Screen

Blackcomb UV controler - Home Screen



This is the home screen. It doesn’t have a lot of information, but typically, when you look at the controller, this is what you’ll see.

Blackcomb UV systems also have a feature of displaying dealer information on the reader. If this is the case, then this screen will show supplier/dealer information and possibly their logo.

Lamp Life Screen

Blackcomb UV controler - Lamp Life 375


When you first install a Blackcomb UV system, it will be roughly a year before you need to replace the lamp inside. This screen will show you how many days you’ve got left before a replacement will be needed.

As with all bulbs, the effectiveness of the lamp wears out over time. Eventually, if the bulb is not replaced, the lamp will not be able to eliminate the viruses and bacteria in the water. Don’t worry, though. The controller will let you know when you’re getting close (more on this later).

QR Code Screen

Blackcomb UV controller - QR CodeThis screen provides you with a handy QR Scan Code which can be used to lead you straight to a webpage for help, advice and purchasing new components and replacement. The QR Code simply requires a mobile phone with a QR Code Scanner app installed, and an internet connection (which, these days, is just about everyone). By default, this QR Code will lead you straight to Luminor’s website, however the option is available for dealers/supplier to include their own QR code, leading to their website.

Therefore, should a customer ever want to order replacements or require some help with maintaining their UV system, the QR code is a great tool for them to self-service, or find a quick way to get in contact with their provider.

UV Intensity Screen

Blackcomb UV controller - UV Intensity 100%


If you have a UV Intensity Sensor installed, then the home screen is actually replaced with this screen. The UV output of the lamp is continually monitored and then displayed on this screen as a percentage.

There are a number of factors that can cause the intensity of the UV output to drop, including changes in water quality, fouling and/or scaling of the quartz sleeve within the reactor, expired lamp life and lamp failure.

Fortunately, this isn’t something you have to constantly check. The UV Controller has certain thresholds which, when reached, will warn you that the UV intensity is getting too low.



UV Intensity 64% screenOnce the UV output dips below 65%, the screen will turn amber, warning you that the UV Disinfection system is getting close to unsafe operating parameters.





UV intensity 55% screenIf the UV output is allowed to dip below 56%, the screen will remain amber and the numbers will turn red. In addition, the controller will emit an audible chirp every 15 seconds. At this point, the UV system’s intensity is reaching unacceptably low levels and should be dealt with immediately.




UV intensity 50% screenUV Water unsafe ScreenFinally, if the UV Intensity reaches 50% or lower, the screen will turn red and the UV controller will make a constant audible alarm sound. The screen will also switch back and forth between the red screen and a screen showing “Water may be unsafe for consumption.” At this point, you absolutely need to have the UV system inspected and any issues corrected before you continue to use the water supply. (Often, it is a simple case of replacing the bulb or the quartz sleeve inside the reactor.)


Lamp Life Countdown

Blackcomb UV Controller - 375 daysAs mentioned, the Blackcomb UV controller will show a countdown to when the lamp needs to be replaced. The lamp within the UV disinfection system needs to be replaced roughly every 12 months. When first installed, you will see a screen similar to this. With each passing day, the countdown will tick down.




Blackcomb UV controller - 30 daysWhen there are only 30 days left until the lamp needs to be replaced, the screen will change to amber, and an intermittent chirping will alert you to the fact that the expiry date is approaching soon.





Blackcomb UV controller - 7 daysWith 7 or less days left, the screen will switch to a more stern warning, with a caution symbol on it, showing that there is only a week left before the lamp replacement is overdue.





Blackcomb UV controller - expiredUV Water unsafe ScreenShould the lamp not be replaced in time, the display will become red and show how many days overdue the lamp replacement is, and the same audible chirp will alert you to the fact that action needs to be taken. The display will also switch back and forth between the red screen and a warning that the water is unsafe to drink.

How to Silence the Alarm

Blackcomb UV controller - defer alarmIt is possible at any point to silence the alarm. Particularly useful if it’s going off at an inopportune moment when you can’t do anything about the UV system.

You can silence the alarm for 7 days, after that you’ll either need to silence it again, or far more sensibly, correct the issue with the UV system. Press and hold the button on the controller for 5 seconds. You’ll know it has been successful when the screen shown on the left is displayed on the controller. After a short pause, the screen will then return to normal function, however the alarm will no longer sound.

Our advice is to not get into the habit of doing this. You don’t want to forget about the issue with your UV system and end up with water that is unsafe to be used. Far better and wiser to order replacements or call your dealer/supplier who will be able to fix the problem or service the unit.

How to Reset the Lamp Life Countdown

Once the UV lamp has been replaced, you’ll need to reset the countdown so you know when you’ll next have to perform a replacement.

When replacing the lamp, you will need to turn the power off to the lamp at the main power supply outlet. Before turning the power back on, do the following:

1: Press and hold the button on the UV controller.

2: Turn the power on.

3: Keep holding the button. After about 5 seconds, you will hear an audible chirp.

4: You will find the countdown has now been successfully reset.

You will know if you are doing this right, as these two screens will be displayed as you perform the reset.

Blackcomb UV controller - lamp reset Blackcomb UV controller - reset process

Failure Modes

Ideally, these are the screens you never want to see. You can avoid most failure screens by making sure to replace components and have the unit serviced in a timely fashion whenever the system warns you that they are due. However, as with all things, occasionally something can go wrong. Here are the possible failure screen you might see, and what they mean.

Blackcomb UV controller - lamp fail Blackcomb UV controller - sensor fail Blackcomb UV controller - solenoid fail Blackcomb UV controller - 420ma fail Blackcomb UV controller - remote alarm fail Blackcomb UV controller - ethernet fail

Lamp Failure

If the lamp ever fails completely, for whatever reason, you will see this screen, and the UV controller will be constantly emitting a buzzing alarm sound. At this point, it is highly advised that you do not continue using the water supply until the situation has been remedied or another method of disinfection is applied.


UV Sensor Failure

If you have a UV sensor installed, then you may see this screen (although hopefully not). If at any time a UV sensor fails, this screen will be displayed, switching intermittently with the “water is unsafe for consumption” screen. An alarm will also be sounding and once again, it is highly advised that the water is no longer used until the issue is addressed.


Solenoid Module Failure

If you have a Solenoid Module installed, should the Solenoid valve fail to operate at any time, then the system will display this screen along with an audible cue. The entire time that the Solenoid module is in this failure state, the UV controller will continue to emit an audible alarm every 15 seconds.


4-20mA Module Failure

Another optional extra, if the 4-20mA Module fails, the system will display a warning screen and will emit an alarm to warn you of the fact. You may be noticing a pattern at this point…


Remote Alarm Failure

If you have a remote alarm connected to the UV system, then should the remote alarm fail for any reason, the UV controller will display this message and sound its own alarm. That’s right. There’s an alarm in case an alarm isn’t working. Luminor have thought of everything.


Ethernet Module Failure

Finally, if you have an ethernet alarm installed on the system, this screen will be displayed and an alarm will be emitted should something go wrong with it.

Safe & Secure

That’s really all there is to it. As mentioned, you might find the displays change a little from what is depicted here, but the information shown is always the same.

The best way to make sure you experience the minimal amount of issues with your UV Disinfection system is simply to respond quickly to any alerts. The controller has numerous built in warnings for changing lamps, replacing components and when the unit needs some kind of service.

The dreaded red screens and alarm should only happen when things genuinely go wrong, at that happens incredibly rarely!

Look after your UV system, respond when needed, and you’ll have years upon years of problem free service!


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