Bespoke Water Treatment System For A Food Production Plant

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Bespoke Water Treatment System For A Food Production Plant

J&F were asked by an experienced installation company to supply a bespoke water treatment system for a food manufacturing plant which specialises in syrups, condiments and confectionery products.

The requirement was to provide the purest quality water to be used within production and for forth coming projects at the facility, at a quantity of 10m3 per day.

Water source: municipal water with a total hardness level of 280ppm, calcium carbonate and chlorine present.

J&F specified the following equipment;


  • 1 x Duplex Softener, to reduce the hardness level of the water.
  • 1 x 5m3 Storage Tank and Pump
  • 1 x Carbon unit, to help reduce the amount of chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis System:

  • 1 x RO (capable of 10m3 a day), for the removal of ions from the water.


  • 1 x 10m3 Storage Tank with Recirculating Pump,
  • 1 x Carbon unit, as a precautionary polishing unit.
  • 3 x 20” BB Filters including a NanoCeram, to ensure that the water is filtered to 0.2micron and to protect against any bacteria.
  • 2 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV system, to help prevent bacteria from forming and for the final disinfection of the water without the use of any chemicals.

To conclude, the project was considered a success by all involved, with a number of clear benefits as shown below;

The company was previously using un-softened mains water, this was causing sediment to form within the bottled products. The new system ensures that the water is crystal clear, free of soluble salts, hardness and chlorine which is of high importance within food manufacturing/production, as the final product needs to be of the highest quality.

Considerable cost savings for the company, as they were previously bringing in RO quality water at a significant cost to use within the manufacturing of the product.

Total protection against bacteriological contaminants. This is vital within a food manufacturing plant, as no risks can be taken.

Bespoke Water Treatment System For A Food Production Plant
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