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A Full Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment Solution

Complete RO and Skid with Softeners, Carbon and Brine TankIt’s common for us to have inquiries concerning a full water treatment solution. Multiple pre and post filters and treatments, often with reverse osmosis systems to fully treat water for a whole range of applications. For our latest inquiry, we put together something a little more special.

We get inquiries from all kinds of industries; in this case, the end user is a hand sanitiser company. They needed to fully treat their water to be used in the production of their products. They get their water from the mains water supply.

As you may know should you have perused some of our other articles on this website, mains water is certainly safe for consumption, but it can still have plenty of problems when it comes to it’s use in commercial applications. Mains water often has (safe levels of) chlorine in it, and depending on your location, you may find the hardness of your water is rather high. The chemicals that treat mains water can affect the taste of the water, as well as interfere in the process of creating certain products.

For the hand sanitiser company, we needed to treat the water hardness, deal with filtering out some of the treatment chemicals and then purify the water further through Reverse Osmosis. That’s quite a number of systems in place which our client was going to have to install, plumb together and get it all working correctly.

We decided that we could make this entire process simpler for the client, who isn’t looking to get involved in a complicated installation process and would also like the possibility of moving the water treatment system around in the future.

So, we did a little research and we came up with a solution.

The Pre-Treatment Stand

MO24000 Reverse OsmosisTackling this issue required separating the project into two distinct “parts.” The Reverse Osmosis system; an MO24000 which would give them the flow rate and treatment they required. Secondly, all the pre-treatment systems prior to the water being fed into the Reverse Osmosis machine. The water hardness would need reducing and further filtering to remove any extraneous chemicals and compounds. The pre-treatment would therefore include;

A Duplex 60 litre Water Softener, comprised of two 12″ x 52″ tanks and controlled by a TT Clack Valve.

A 140 litre Brine tank for regeneration.

A Carbon unit for de-chlorination in a 12″ x 52″ tank.

Three heavy tanks, all requiring connecting to each other, along with a brine tank for regeneration that would also need hooking up to the system. As the company also specified they may want to be able to move all this to other parts of their premises; that isn’t really feasible as separate entities.

If the entire system was contained on one custom made stand, however, then it would be portable and all the plumbing and set-up could be done by us at our premises, rather than all having to be plumbed and set-up whilst on-site.

Water Softeners and Carbon Skid Water Softener, Brine Tank and Carbon on Skid TT Clack Valve on System

That’s exactly what we did. Working with a local manufacturer, we had a custom designed stand or “skid” set up, with bracing bars to connect and support all the tanks together.

We were then able to connect all the tanks together here in our own warehouse and get the whole thing set up and ready to go. For the client, there’s a single “inlet” pipe, and a single “outlet” pipe. Plug the mains into the inlet pipe, connect the outlet pipe into the reverse osmosis machine and the system is ready to go. Nice and simple, stress free and quick!

Full Skid and RO Front Full Skid and RO from Side Full Ski and RO above

The Full System

The MO24000 reverse osmosis machine and the skid stand neatly side by side, as can be seen here. It takes up minimal room and it’s kept neat and tidy so as not to be obtrusive in any way.

Full Skid and RO wide

Should the client want to move the skid and reverse osmosis machine, then they simply need to disconnect it from the mains and each other, then using a basic pump truck or a forklift truck, the two parts can easily be picked up, moved to the new location and reconnected. No need to move each tank individually. No need to disconnect the softeners and the carbon unit and the brine tank from each other. Just pick the whole thing up in one go and move it. Of course, this also means there’s far less room for mistakes, things getting damaged in transit or errors in reconnecting everything back up.

The end user is very happy with the final product and it’s working like a dream. We’re also been excited to tell you all about this. For anyone out there who is looking for a fairly hefty, multi-part water treatment system, you should definitely get in touch. This entire project has proven how successful and feasible putting these custom-made skids together is, and we’re looking forward to doing many more.

It’s an elegant solution, it hugely reduces the hassle of installing such systems, and it makes maintenance and relocation a far simpler procedure.

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