Water Softener for a Restaurant in Co Carlow

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Initial Analysis

Restaurant in Co CarlowOur water treatment solutions are ideal for a number of different industries. In this case, J&F were contact by a Restaurant in Co Carlow, to help treat their mains water. As with many areas in the UK and Ireland, water hardness is often a problem that requires rectifying. Hard water can alter the taste of any beverages being made with the water. More importantly for the restaurant, it causes limescale build up on appliances such as dishwashers and in pipework.

Not wishing to have to deal with frequent and costly maintenance to deal with the limescale, the restaurant was looking to treat the water and eradicate the issue at the source. Also unusual for a restaurant, the premises required a 24/7 water supply. This is due to the restaurant doing its own baking in the evenings.


What We Recommend

After acquiring a water report, to treat the mains water we offered a simple solution:

  • 12×48 Duplex Softener with MAV (Motorised Access Valve)
  • 2 x LB5-063 Blackcomb UV’s
  • Brine Tank for Softener regeneration
  • Pre and post filter cartridges

The Solution

The hardness of the water in the restaurant was 320ppm, which is very hard water. To combat this issue J&F recommended installing a 12×48 Duplex Softener with MAV Clack Valve. This would get the desired flow rate for the premises and soften the water. DuplexIdeally, it is best to have water softness of 0-50ppm.

The restaurant requires 2.4m3/hr of water continuously. Simplex systems (a one tank solution) require downtime whilst the water softener regenerates. To ensure the restaurant has an uninterrupted water supply, we recommended a Duplex Softener with MAV; two softener tanks working alternatively. When one of the tanks needs to go into regeneration, the second tank takes over softening the water whilst the first goes through the regeneration process. When the second tank then requires regeneration, they switch again and so on. This process is called Service and Standby. It enables you to have a constant supply of softened water, rather than having “downtime” during the regeneration process.

The MAV (motorised access valve) also enables maintenance to be done on one of the tanks or one of the valves. These can be removed should they need repairing or replacing and the water supply remains uninterrupted thanks to the second tank.

Blackcomb Water Treatment

Two LB5-063 Blackcomb UV’s were also installed to treat any lingering bacteria or viruses in the water supply. Normally for mains water this is not required however due to the restaurant doing its own baking, it wanted to ensure upmost safety and that no bacteria found its way into their products. The water supply is split between the two UV’s to ensure the required flow rate is maintained. As UV’s do require maintenance, such as the replacement of bulbs and quartz sleeves, the dual system design also means that when such maintenance is required on one of the UV’s, the water supply does not need to be stopped completely.

Finally, we supplied a Brine Tank for the salt required to regenerate the water softeners. All the restaurant staff needs to do is top up the brine tank to ensure the water softeners continue to be regenerated.

The Result

In conclusion, the Restaurant is very happy with their new water treatment solution. If you have any issue with the hardness of your water or any other water treatment requirements, don’t hesitate to get in contact or give us a call on 067 34222. We can provide an effective, tailored solution designed to treat your specific water treatment needs.

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