Helping Penguins at a Wildlife Park

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A sales guy of ours recently popped down to the local wildlife park to help with an issue they were having. They were struggling with orange water coming through into their penguin ponds! Read on to see how we helped these little guys!

We have previously worked with the wildlife park and created a tailored water treatment solution for them back in 2017.

We sold them the following:

When returning onsite to check up on how the penguins were doing, we decided to change the system as we wanted to give it a refresh to make sure this issue doesn’t happen again! So we worked with an installation company…

We provided the following: 

The reason we added the following was because who doesn’t love Ecomix! It’s something we certainly bang on about around here as it has a lot of good properties to help with your water supply. For example, Ecomix media provides an all-in-one treatment for the removal of iron, manganese, ammonia, organic matter and helps with water hardness. It’s a highly effective method of treatment for problem water, that’s why it was perfect to help these little penguins out! 

Finally the Filter AG plus unit was provided because compared to normal sand filters, Filter-Ag Plus’ rough surface and internal porosity allow for much longer and more effective filter runs. It is also an all natural, environmentally safe product, which is very important as this water is for animals. 


This wildlife park has also re-arranged the pipework and made it all tidier so it looks a lot cleaner! Now we have happy penguins continuing to live their best lives, with no orange water getting in the way! 

If you need help with something similar, or have any water needs, give us a call or get in touch here and we will happily talk through some options with you.

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