COVID-19: J&F Is Still Open

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Covid-19: J&F will stay open

It is a trying time for everyone at the moment; from businesses to families. At J&F Water Treatment, we are taking the threat of COVID-19 as seriously as it should be, however we also understand that we can’t leave people out there without potable, clean water. This is especially true of residences where a clean source of water is absolutely essential.

Therefore, we are remaining open. We will continue to supply water treatment products for as long as we can; until the government literally shuts us down. Be assured that we are maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and preventative measures to ensure we all stay safe and healthy.

If you require any water treatment products, then please do get in touch. We’ll be answering the phones and supplying our customers for as long as possible. We won’t leave you without a supplier. If we are finally forced to close our doors, then you can be sure we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, make sure to stay safe. Practice good social distancing, limit contact with others as much as you can and keep yourself and your workplace as clean and sanitised as you can.

Best Regards,
The J&F Team

COVID-19: J&F Is Still Open
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