Lots of Pallets Heading Out

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Several Pallets Heading Out

Pallet Orders 1


Another busy day at J&F Water Treatment. This morning, the warehouse pack has been busy playing Tetris with a whole bunch of different products and then carefully balancing them on pallets. We’ve got several pallets of orders heading out today, and it’s a veritable smorgasbord of different offerings.


Below is a list of everything included on these pallets (as a fun little game, take a deep breath and try to read it all out loud in one go).


UV Disinfection Systems

UV Replacement Sleeves

UV Lamp Bulbs

Cabinet Softeners

Carbon Units

Mineral Tanks

Brine Tanks

Bags of Semidol

Bags of Filter Gravel

Clack Valves (Pre-Programmed)

Ecomix by the absolute cr*pload!

Nitrate Resin

Softener Resin

Boxes of Sediment Filter Cartridges

Spun Filter Cartridges

Pleated Filter Cartridges

Three full Ecomix Systems including a 16 x 65 tank, 12 x 52 tank, and 10 x 35 tank, all with Brine Tanks, Ecomix resin and Clack Valves

Several 8 x 30 Tanks and 10 x 17 Tanks.


… and breathe.

Pallet Orders 3

All of this is heading out the warehouse shortly to head off to customers spanning the entire of the UK. Turns out all our talk about having plenty of Mineral Tanks and Filter Media/Resin was taken to heart by some of you folks. Obviously, we’re very appreciative for the business to those of you who have placed these big, juicy orders. For everyone else… crack on! There’s plenty left so give us a call!

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