Newsday Tuesday – Bespoke Systems ‘R’ Us

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Big or small, we have got you covered

Water Treatment SolutionWe’ve mentioned before on a previous Newsday Tuesday blog that there’s one thing we really love at J&F Water Treatment; a nice big project.

A few months ago, we added a new section to our website called “Bespoke Systems” which went into more detail on our skid-mounted solutions for simple installation and contained solutions for water treatment, all tailored and pre-programmed to your requirements. These have proved to be quite popular, with many clients taking advantage of what we can offer.

We thought we’d show you two of our favourite systems, both of which were completed and sent out this week. One of the systems in particular shows the versatility of our skid-mounted approach to bespoke systems.

Big Blue Water Treatment for Guinea

Water Treatment Solution on RigThis beast of a water treatment solution was created to provide treated water for a company in Guinea. We supply mainly to the UK, but we do have one or two more exotic clients as well.

The challenge here was providing a solution that could be assembled and then survive the trip all the way to West Africa. As you can see from the photographs, it was not a small, compact system. Obviously, we wouldn’t be able to assist physically for the installation, so we decided to do as much of the install as we could for them using a custom created rig.

The system contains a 12″ x 52″ Filter Ag+ Backwashing unity for turbidity removal. A 12″ x 52″ Pyrolox backwashing unit for iron removal and any treatment of any traces of manganese. These were then followed by two 14″ x 65″ Carbon backwashing units for colour and organics removal. Then, a 5 Micron sediment filter leading into a Blackcomb 5 UV system for eliminating any bacteria and cysts. Water Treatment Rig

The entire system was fitted and secured on the custom rig, then pipework and valves were put in place. When the system arrives at its destination, the entire system can simply be put in place and then the water supply connected to the inlet, and the outlet connected to… well, wherever it is the treated water is going. The completed project is now heading off to a specialist packing team to ensure the whole system arrives in one piece, as intended.

Mobile Reverse Osmosis System for Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis Cleaning RigOne of our delightful clients got in touch with us, looking for a solution to put together for a Cleaning company. The company sends its employees out in a van with the cleaning products and on arrival, they use the customer’s water supply to perform the required cleaning. However, despite this sounding like an ideal approach, they were running into a few problems.

  • The water quality of any particular household would vary.
  • Hard water areas would cause streaking and left behind marks.
  • Their cleaning products were not always performing as they should due to interference from various elements in the water supply.
  • They couldn’t guarantee the sort of results they wanted to provide.

They needed something that would solve the unpredictable quality of a customer’s water supply, and would of course eliminate all the issues described above. Robust Reverse Osmosis Cleaning RigOur solution was to provide a RObust 3000 Reverse Osmosis system, along with a 10 litre cabinet softener and 20″BB De-Min Cartridge. However, all this equipment wouldn’t be very practical unless we could make it easily portable.

We therefore provided a solution where all the water treatment equipment was secured to a mobile rig. Compact and easy to move around, the rig could be removed from the van and wheeled easily into position. All that’s required is to connect the system to the water outlet, and turn it on. The system provides clear, purified water, removing impurities and also softening the water should they be visiting hard water areas. The result is a reliable water quality, on demand, that can be taken to every job.

We think that this skid-mounted bespoke system really demonstrates the versatility of this approach. A much smaller system than most of our bespoke solutions, but provides a vital solution for as company that would otherwise struggle to get the water quality they need. It’s mobile, it’s compact and it solves the issue in one handy package.

Rigs, Skids and Bespoke Systems

Those are just two of the systems that we’ve been working on recently, and we’re very excited to be getting stuck into more. These bespoke, skid-mounted solutions are understandably popular for engineers, installers and end users alike. It takes the headache out of installation, a lot of the setup work can be done ahead of time, and it makes maintenance a breeze as well. If you require a water treatment solution and think that one of our bespoke custom rig solutions would work for you, then firstly, we most likely agree! Get in touch, let us know what you’ll need and we’ll put something together for you.

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