Newsday Tuesday – Brine Tanks & RObust Pro

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Newsday Tuesday - RObust Pro & Brine Tanks

Robust Pro BacklitIt’s Tuesday, so time for another update. What’s been happening at J&F Water Treatment?

Firstly, you may have seen our article on RObust Reverse Osmosis and it’s ideal fit into the HoReCa industry. If you haven’t, then why? It’s right there. Click the link. We’ll wait…

The RObust Pro is being added to our list of available RObust models. It’s an ideal solution for folks in the HoReCa industry looking to make sure the water quality is absolutely up to standard for the perfect cup of coffee. We’ll be adding a page to the website for the RObust Pro soon, with more details, so make sure to check back regularly.

Just take a look at that picture. Yes, it’s back-lit with a funky ultraviolet light, but that’s besides the point. A cafe owner was so pleased with their RObust Pro they stuck it into the counter, pride of place, for all to see. It’s good!

Brine Tanks

Did you know we sell a whole range of brine tanks? We don’t just sell them as part of a system either (although we do that too!). You can buy a brine tank all on it’s lonesome if that’s what you need. Heck, if you like, you can buy all the bits and bobs that go into a brine tank; salt grids, brine valves, airchecks, brine wells, etc.

Brine TanksPerhaps you’ve got a damaged brine tank and need to replace it? No worries, we’ve got sizes from 72 litres up to 920 litres. Maybe you’ve already sorted out a water softening system and you’re looking for a better brine tank? Well, first, we do water softeners, so what the hell? Why didn’t you buy that from us? We’ll let it slide this time, but we’ve got the brine tanks if you need them.

Some of these brine tanks are so big it’s mental, by the way.┬áThere’s lots of other uses for a brine tank too:

1: Fancy a cheap, hobo Jacuzzi? All you need is a 920 litre brine tank, a length of hose and an leafblower. Done!*

2: Lie it on it’s side and create a dog kennel (don’t forget to put some wood under the sides, otherwise your dog might roll away).

3: Turn it upside down, cut a hole in the side of it, paint it whatever colour you like, and bam! A cheap playhouse for the kids!

4: Buy one of each side, draw a face on each one, stack one inside the other and you’ve got the world’s biggest set of nesting dolls. Fun for the whole family (If your family is really bored.)

5: A very, very large place to keep your DIY tools.

6: A very, very small place to keep a bicycle.

7: A questionable boat (please note, we have no idea if attempting to sail in a brine tank is possible. Experiment at your own risk.)

8: A budget coffin for family members you weren’t that keen on.


Or, I guess you could just put salt in it and regenerate things like water softeners. Whatever takes your fancy.


* Please don’t actually attempt any of the things on this list with a brine tank. If you were considering it, then honestly, you’re the reason we need “Caution: Hot Contents” on the side of coffee cups and “May Contain Nuts” on peanut packets. Shame on you!



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