Newsday Tuesday – RO’s Everywhere

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Newsday Tuesday - RO's Everywhere

The first post in a new series called Newsday Tuesday. Why Tuesday, you ask? Because nothing much interesting happens on Tuesdays. It’s one of those wishy-washy kind of days. With our new weekly update, you at least have a spot of mediocre entertainment to brighten up your day.

At J&F Water Treatment, we love a good Reverse Osmosis machine. There’s nothing we love more than seeing a bit of kit that can shove water through a membrane. We have very specialist tastes I guess.

Our warehouse team have been earning their tea and biscuits recently. We had a ridiculously large Clack delivery turn up (read more on that here) and now we’ve had a whole bunch of RO’s turn up, ready to be shipped out to customers.

RObust 3000

A RObust 3000 unpackedRObust 3000 -2First up, two RObust 3000. These compact, sturdy (you might say, robust. Ha.) machines are capable of dealing with the water requirements for bars, restaurants and cafes.

In this case, they are for aquatic purposes; fish and water-based plants and the like, demonstrating that the RObust 3000 is a model versatile enough to fit into a whole range of industries. Read more about it here.




We also received the MO24000; a Reverse Osmosis system ideal for commercial applications. We managed to snap a few pics whilst our warehouse team checked over the contents. You know, just to make sure everything is in order and there’s no hidden treasure or espionage agents stashed within. Click on the images below for a better look.

M024000 Reverse Osmosis 6 M024000 Reverse Osmosis 5 M024000 Reverse Osmosis 4 M024000 Reverse Osmosis 3 M024000 Reverse Osmosis 2 M024000 Reverse Osmosis 1

That’s just what we’ve got in at the moment. We’ve got another MO24000 on the way which will include a few extra surprises. We’ll be whacking a post up about that in the near future so make sure to check back regularly. We’ve also got a few projects in the pipeline which we’re excited about and I’m sure we’ll be revealing more about those as they develop.

In other news, we’ve also got a full house of staff once again! Now that we’re all finally starting to see a light at the end of this pandemic-filled tunnel, we’ve been able to fill the ranks once more. The warehouse pack have grown in number and we’ve also got another body in the office, ready to process orders, sort out invoices and discuss the finer points of Reverse Osmosis Membranes around the water cooler.

We need more hobbies.

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