Newsday Tuesday – UK to slash Water Aid funding for overseas projects and… anyone want a RObust 3000?

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Welcome back to another edition of Newsday Tuesday. J&F hope you had a nice long weekend…whether you enjoyed some time off or were working – we hope you enjoyed getting back to a bit of normality!

Latest Water Industry News: UK to cut funding for overseas water projects

This has been a big topic over the last week due to the current events of Covid19 and climate change. Access to clean water, sanitation and general hygiene is a top priority when it comes to UK aid. So it was a surprise to many people that the UK government decided to cut funding for clean water overseas by more than 80%.

 This all comes at a time when Covid19 is increasing the demand for clean, safe water for basic needs such as hand washing. For those in third world countries, as a basic human right, they need to access clean water to prevent the spread of this virus. 

Tim Wainwright, the chief executive of the WaterAid charity, said: “There is never a good time to cut aid for lifesaving water and sanitation but the middle of the worst pandemic for 100 years must be one of the worst.”[1]

This also coincides with current events concerning climate change. Our climate controls the availability of renewable, fresh water resources. This is a threat to poor, developing countries, as it increases the chance of water-borne disease due to increased water pollution and therefore decreases their quality of life.

As it is also “Drinking Water Week”, we wanted to highlight the topic of water pollution, and how having access to good quality drinking water is essential for human health and wellbeing. Any kind of human activity can harm our water supply, and you can find anything in there from pathogenic microorganisms to heavy metals. There are solutions out there that we can use and continue to use to help the situation, including:

Ecomix and Pyrolox resin- for removal of heavy metals (iron and manganese treatment)

Filter AG Plus– for sediment removal

Luminor UV’s– for quality treatment and elimination of bacteria and microorganisms.

Our goal at J&F is to help people meet the highest standard of water quality, to aid our environment and overall quality of life.


A delivery full of RObusts

This delivery was a juicy one. And by that, we mean lots of RObusts have arrived. In particular, we wanted to highlight the RObust 3000. They’re a favourite in the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) industry, and it’s clear why.

Ecosoft’s innovative R.O technology has created the ideal treatment solution for food and drinks preparation – to ensure businesses get the best tasting, purest water. Although compact and much smaller than most Reverse Osmosis systems, the RObust 3000 is a very capable machine, designed to provide pure water for small businesses whilst taking up very little room.

In addition, the RObust 3000 offers:

-A compact and sleek design
-The highest capacity out of our ‘standard’ Robust range. Ranging from 145L- 150L of water per hour.
-Excellent quality pre-filtration membranes
-The main membrane will eliminate 99.98% of contaminants
-Carbon filters for post-processing give you great tasting and nutritious water
-Removes contaminants such as limescale, therefore improving the performance and extending the service life of coffee machines, dishwashers, etc.

Those are a handful of reasons we love the RObust 3000. If you’re part of a large restaurant, hotel, or even a brewery, we think you should give it a try and see for yourself.

Want to see what else came in our delivery?

  • Ecosoft coconut shell carbon cartridges
  • String wound sediment cartridges
  • Melt blown sediment cartridges
  • P’ure Balance 5 stage drinking systems (mounted)
  • RObust 1000 R.O’s
  • RObust Pro R.O’s
  • Ecomix
  • Commercial MO12000 R.O System
  • Big Blue filter housings

And we don’t blame our warehouse manager that he’s now taken a holiday…well deserved.

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