Newsday Tuesday – Want Some Powder?

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Would You Like To Buy Some Powder?

You may have noticed there was no Newsday Tuesday post last week. Unfortunately, we were having a few minor technical issues and we were unable to get the post up. By the time the problem was resolved, it was Thursday and it’s not called Newsday Thursday, is it? Fortunately, we’re back. This week, we’re going to tell you all about what we seem to have stashed in every nook and cranny of our warehouse.

First, here’s a question. What does the water treatment industry and drug dealers have in common? They both want to try and sell you unusual looking powders in bags. Unlike drugs, what we want to sell you will help to keep your water safe and pure to drink, plus it’s completely legal. Similar to drugs, you’re probably best off not sniffing this stuff up your nose.

Want to know what we have? Glad you asked…

Different Filter Medias

An-Ion Exchange Resin

Iron & Manganese Removal Resin

pH Correction Media

De-Alk Resin

De-Mineralisation Resin

Filter Sand

Filter Ag, and Filter Ag Plus

Arsenic Removal Resin

Good Old Filter Gravel

Water Softening Resin


Acid Wash

… and finally Ecomix.

In total, we have a whopping 30,000 litres of this stuff in stock at the moment. We’re always happy to do you a great deal on our resins and filters, so if you would like to help put a dent in that big 30K number, then get in touch.

Ecomix P & A

On the subject of Ecomix, we’ve recently started stocking Ecomix P alongside our mainstay product; Ecomix A. The two are very similar, both being high quality filter medias, as one has come to expect from Ecomix. However, there is a smidgen of difference between the two.

Ecomix A has a lifespan of 5 years. It will filter out Iron & Manganese, Ammonia and softens your water supply. It’s the full package, and it’s fantastic for filtering tap, borehole or well water.

Ecomix P does everything that Ecomix A does, however it’s lifespan is only 3 years, and it isn’t suitable for filtering out Ammonia. It’s still a great solution for filtering tap, borehole and well water, assuming you’re not looking to remove Ammonia.

The reason we’re stocking Ecomix P is to give our super customers more choice. If you’re not looking to remove Ammonia and a 3 year lifespan isn’t a deal-breaker, then Ecomix P just might be the perfect product for you. It is also cheaper than Ecomix A, so you’re saving a few pennies.

Ecomix A still remains the superior product of course, and if you do have more problematic water, or require treating Ammonia, then you can’t do better than Ecomix A.

It’s all about choice and using the best filter for your needs.

Mineral Tanks Everywhere

One final note before we wrap this up, we’ve definitely got one or two Mineral Tanks knocking about the place. Over 600 of them in stock as a matter of fact.

Evidently, if you’re looking to apply the medias and resins mentioned above, you’re going to need a tank and we’ve got no doubt that we have you covered. Our tanks range from the tiny 6 x 13 size, all the way up to our 48″ tanks which you could, with some creative thinking, live inside.

Going along with that, we have over 100m of Riser Pipe. So if you’re looking to pump treated water all the way up the side of a California Redwood tree, then now’s your chance! Or just take what you need for your water softener, of course. It’s up to you.

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