Newsday Tuesday – XVI Ceramic Filters

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Newsday Tuesday - New Ceramic Filters Product Range

XVI Filters

Let’s start this Newsday Tuesday post with an important question. Do you pronounce the letters “XVI” in XVI Water Filtration, or is it “16” Water Filtration? Answers on a postcard…

For the longest time, J&F Water Treatment has been supplying Doulton products, in particular when it comes to our filter cartridges. In fact, for several years, key members of J&F Water Treatment used to be employees of Doulton, so they have considerable experience and knowledge of all thing “Doulton.” Even so, we’re always on the lookout for what the best possible products are in the water treatment industry so that we can make them available to you fine folks.

Doulton isn’t it.

We’ve replaced our Doulton range with a whole host of brand new products from XVI Water Filtration. Why? Well, they’re better, as far as we’re concerned. Here, you can see a hefty pallet full of XVI products that we’ve just had in.

On this pallet, you’ll find such delightful items as;

CeraMetix® Carbon Filters. Water Filter Cartridges in Box

CeraUltra™ 10″ Candles

Imperial CeraMax™ 2.75″ x 9.75″ Cartridge Water Filter Elements

Imperial CeraSyl™ Ceramic Filters

MultiMax™ Pre-Filters

CeraMetix Carbon Filters - A Closer Look

Straight from XVI themselves;

“CeraMetix filter elements utilizes a class leading ceramic micro porous outer shell combined with AquaMetix core block technology.”

CeraSylWell, quite! For those wondering what the heck AquaMetix is, it’s a matrix made up of two types of activated carbons, which is combined with zeolite minerals and structurally bound with polymers into a highly porous block. What this all means is that it’s great at reducing a whole variety of water contaminants. It’ll improve taste and odour, reduce chlorine and chloramines, filter out organic compounds, help to deal with lead, mercury, asbestos and fluoride.

To sum up… it’s really good.

When are they in stock?

Water Cartridges in BoxesThey’re in our warehouse, and they’re ready to go out the door whenever you lot want them. We’re more than happy to go over all the specs and in’s and out’s of these new filters with you, so definitely give us a call and one of our advisors will discuss this with you until they can’t breathe anymore! They’re a great product range and we’re proud to have them in stock, so we’ll take any chance we can get to talk about these things.

So, to conclude;

Doulton Products: Out.

XVI Products: In.

J&F Water Treatment: Excited.

You Lot: Supplied with better products.

Everyone: Happy!

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