Reverse Osmosis System for a Poultry Farm

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis system on its way out of the warehouse

The latest Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is ready for despatch.

This is for a large poultry unit and it is capable of producing 6 m3/hr of processed water. It is being supplied complete with pre-filters and automatic anti-scalent dosing station.

The farm wanted to source water from a borehole, but a water analysis revealed it to contain high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids), Sulphates, Hardness and Manganese.

The system that we designed will provide water of a quality essential to maintain a healthy flock of birds; as contaminated water can lead to a whole range of health and performance related problems, whilst also providing significant saving compared to using “mains” water!

Reverse Osmosis System for a Poultry Farm
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