Newsday Tuesday – Return of the Commercial and Industrial R.O’s.

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Good afternoon, (or good morning, good evening, goodnight) wherever you may be. Sorry you missed us last week! Our content creator was away on holiday but today we’re back with some fresh new updates.

Dual Gradient Filters

We haven’t spoken a lot about these in the past, so thought we’d introduce you to them today. These are polypropelene dual gradient filters made by our partner Ecosoft, and offer a capacity three times higher than conventional polypropylene filters. We offer these in both sizes 2.5” x 10” and 4.5” x 20”.

These filters are used to cater to sediment particles such as sand, silt, scale and rust. Clues in the name, the dual gradient design creates two separate filter zones. Larger particles get captured in the first zone, and then the smaller particles are caught in the second, allowing highly efficient water purification along with a higher filtration rate and lower pressure drop.

These are suitable for use in houses or apartments with up to three people living there. Customers will get pure, transparent, clean water for their showers and baths as well as protection of plumbing and pipes from damage. Consequently, home appliances will last longer and customers won’t have to replace the filter nearly as often in comparison to standard polypropylene filters!

Key advantages

  • 30,000 liter capacity
  • 3 times higher purification rates comparing to standard PP filters
  • Large surface area means the filter doesn’t contaminate through to full depth as quickly
  • Low losses of pressures
  • Stable operation even in case of water turbidity changes
  • Superior quality, saving costs and space

Give our team a call to find out more.

Nitrate Resin

Nitrates are often found in ground, borehole or well water. This can be due to location factors, chemical fertilisers, or disposal of certain waste. The standard, safe concentration of nitrates in drinking water is 50ppm (50 mg/l). To keep within safe and high standards, we recommend getting a water analysis done, to avoid potential sickness.

Our solution to combat this is an anion exchange resin, specifically NR-1. Why choose this resin? Because it’s high purity, simple, and reliable. This resin is able to cater to several industries and can be preconfigured for use in simplex or duplex units, to treat anything from drinking water to whole house systems.

Commercial, Industrial and Bespoke Reverse Osmosis Systems

We haven’t touched on our larger R.O’s in a while. These filters take on more intense water purification duties compared to domestic systems. They’re basically the corporal to the soldiers.

The membrane is the core part of the reverse osmosis system and does the most work. Our membranes are manufactured by Ecosoft, Eurotrol and Dow Filmtec to provide 99%+ protection from contaminants.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

R.O’s are a great option for not impacting the taste, aroma or pH of the water. They also don’t require much energy, as no significant heating is required. No chemicals are used either, meaning they are very economical systems. They’re also pretty compact, as all the equipment is condensed. Talking of that, we actually offer specialised bespoke systems, custom designed and constructed to fit your space so they aren’t intrusive. You can read more information on our bespoke systems here.

Overall, our reverse osmosis systems offer high grade water that are perfect for the ever growing industries of food processing, farming, distilleries and many more.

That’s all for this week everyone. As always, you can ring our number to have a chat with one of our sales team about your requirements on:

01538 399048

Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

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