Water treatment for a poultry and water fowl producer

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Water Treatment for Poultry & Water Fowl

J&F were asked by a water treatment and borehole drilling company to review a water analysis, the water to be used by a small producer of poultry and water fowl.

The water report showed:

High levels of Nitrites and Nitrates

A particularly high level of Manganese (even though the iron levels was low)

A total hardness of approximately 300 ppm as CaCO3

High coliform counts

In consultation with both the water treatment company and the farmer the following scheme was proposed and supplied, with a requirement to provide 18 m3 per day of treated water

Water treatment for a poultry and water fowl producer

What we supplied

1 x Ecomix-A unit with 20 micron sediment pre-filter for the reduction of Manganese and total hardness (to avoid membrane fouling)

1 x Chlorine dosing station for the disinfection to reduce the coliform counts

1 x Carbon backwashing unit using Aquasorb CS activated coconut based carbon for de-chlorination & WS1 control valve

1 x 24 m3 per day Reverse Osmosis unit with automatic anti-scalent dosing

1 x 2 m3 per hour UV disinfection unit with 5 micron pre-filter

The unit in our warehouse prior to despatch (above right) complete with 4 of 4” Dow-Filmtec RO membranes.


The Result

Overall, the customer was very satisfied and now has clean crystal-clear water to be used on poultry farm.

Please remember that if you’re having any issues at all with your water just give us a call and we can create bespoke, tailored water treatment solutions just for your commercial or domestic property.

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