Water treatment solutions for a borehole drilling company

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Water Treatment for Borehole Drilling Company

We were asked by a borehole drilling company to offer a solution to a problem surrounding a ‘rotten egg’ smell. This was at residential property which had recently had a borehole sunk.

The first stage was to explain that hydrogen sulphide is commonly found to be in association with iron and manganese, so we requested a full water analysis to examine what other contaminants are present and will require treatment.

In this case the only other contaminant shown on the water analysis was a high level of turbidity, shown in NTUs, Nephelometric Turbidity Units.

J&F recommended and supplied the following:

  • 1 x Filter Ag+ backwashing unit using a WS1 CI Clack valve including a No Hardwater Bypass Valve
  • 1 x Catalytic Carbon unit using a WS1 CI Clack control valve complete with oxygen diffusion system
  • 1 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV system with 5 micron sediment pre-filter

The installation of the equipment shown above removed the ‘rotten egg’ smell and helped provide high quality water for general use throughout the household.

Water treatment solutions for a borehole drilling company

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