Bacteriostatic Sediment Filter


  • Protection of plumbing and sanitary wares
  • Risk reduction of the secondary microbiological contamination of water by the filter
  • Stable characteristics for retention of the particles
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Bacteriostatic Sediment Filter


The Ecosoft PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter does precisely what any sediment filter would do, with an added effect of reducing slime-building bacteria on the filter itself.

The sediment filter removes particles such as rust, sand, scale and silt and is an excellent pre-filter for any water treatment solution. Additional to this, the bacteriostatic component helps to greatly reduce the presence of slime and mould producing bacteria and contaminants on the filter. This prevents the filter from becoming prematurely clogged and therefore requires replacing less frequently.

The Sediment Filter with Bacteriostatic effect is the same size as the standard sediment filter and will fit the same housings. It can also be used in products such as the Aquapoint Whole House Filter System.

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Product CodeSizeOperating Water Temp (oCFlow Rate (Litres/Min)Max Capacity (Litres)Max Capacity (Months)
CPV25105BECO250mm x 60mm3 - 43815,0006


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