Tannin Resin


  • Excellent solution for removing tannin and colour from water.
  • Pre-washed, high purity, premium grade, strong basic macroporous-type anion exchange resin.
  • Long lifetime with very low number of broken beads.
  • Regenerates using standard softener salt.
  • Ideal as a pre-treatment for UV Disinfection.
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Tannin Resin


Water containing organics (plant and animal matter) can appear “stained” or coloured; typically appearing as brown, green or yellow. This is often not harmful, but will be treated for aesthetic reasons. Coloured water can also be an indicator that other contaminants are present in the water that can be harmful, such as iron, manganese and sediment.

Treating colour and tannin in water is done using an anion exchange resin. Resinex TPX4501 is a pre-washed, high purity, strong basic macroporous-type anion exchange resin, offering excellent mechanical and chemical stability. TPX4501 removes organics from the water, returning the water to its colourless appearance. It is also regenerated using standard softener salt.

It should also be noted that if you are running a UV Disinfection system, then removing the colour or tannin from the water is a necessity for ensuring the UV System is operating at maximum efficiency.



Tannin Resin is supplied as:

25L Bags

48 Bags per Pallet


Resinex TPX4501
  • Discolouration of water
  • Removes Organics
  • Discolouration of liquid sugars
  • Ideal pre-treatment for UV Systems.

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