Industrial RO’s

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

For those requiring large quantities of purified water, the Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems can provide between 1m3/hour up to 9m3/hour of treated water for your established business.

Each system comes equipped with Dow Filmtec XLE membranes, Grundfos high pressure pump and a multi-functional controller. A range of options are available, so please do get in touch with one of our experts today, who will be more than happy to help.

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Industrial RO’s

Reverse Osmosis System for a Brewery

Our Ireland office, based in County Tipperary, was asked by a large commercial brewery to supply a reverse osmosis system and required extras.

The purpose of the project was to obtain water of a very consistent quality from which they could then easily make formulations for their different brews.

J&F were provided with a series of mains water analyses showing the types of fluctuations that the proposed new water treatment installation was required to manage.

The brief was for 3 m3/hr of purified water. J&F supplied the following equipment:

1 x MO-3 Industrial Reverse Osmosis system complete with permeate rinse capability
3 x High flow filter housings with 20 micron sediment filters
1 x Duplex softener using Clack WS1.25 control valves (mains water supply at approximately 320 ppm total hardness)
3 x Carbon backwashing unit using Aquasorb CS activated coconut based carbon for de-chlorination & Clack WS1.25 control valves

We also recommended experienced electrical contractors, pump and pipework contractors and installation/commissioning engineers.

Working in collaboration with the above companies, the treatment plant was installed without disruption to the ongoing manufacturing processes and has been an ongoing success.

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Reverse Osmosis System for a Brewery

Bespoke Water Treatment Systems

J&F offers bespoke, all-inclusive water treatment solutions, including new installations and decommissioning of old systems. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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J&F Water Treatment offers a full range of products including water softeners, filters and housings, conditioning products and reverse osmosis systems.

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