Reverse Osmosis Econnect

The Econnect series of commercial reverse osmosis systems provides remote access and control.

Econnect Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Econnect series of commercial reverse osmosis systems includes the OC6000 controller which provides remote access and monitoring.

The OC6000 controller allows for instant, remote access for maintenance, reporting and adjustments. These include:

— measuring flow rate and volume of purified water

— control quality of feed water and treated water

— purified water discharge mode

— remote update of firmware

The Econnect series also comes with AISI 304 Stainless Steel Frame and the same reliable, robust and quality purifying technology as the standard commercial reverse osmosis systems. These include Grundfos Pump, 300 psi Filmtec XLE4040 membranes (or Ecosoft's ELP4040 membranes) and the BB10 sediment prefilter.

Ideal for small to medium commercial businesses who require remote access to their reverse osmosis system.

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Reverse Osmosis Econnect

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