RObust Series

Reverse Osmosis systems designed for smaller businesses requiring purified water.

RObust Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Ecosoft RObust Reverse Osmosis range is an excellent solution for those who desire a Reverse Osmosis system, but do not use commercial levels of water each day.

Ranging from 55 litres of water per hour, up to 150 litres per hour, the RObust Reverse Osmosis units are ideal for restaurants, cafes and breweries. They're also great for extending the life of appliances such as dishwashers, ice-makers and coffee machines.

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RObust Series

Reverse Osmosis for HoReCa

Anyone in the HoReCa industry will tell you that when it comes to food and drink, taste is everything. Every cooked meal or prepared drink needs to have the best ingredients so they can have the best possible taste. Water is a key factor in all food and drink preparation, and a RObust Reverse Osmosis filter will ensure you've got the best quality water for every meal and beverage.


A Reverse Osmosis filter provides purified water for every prepared beverage; hot or cold. It can also be used for coffee machines and washers. This has the added benefit of ensuring your appliances are free from limescale, prolonging the life and minimising the amount of maintenance needed.


A Reverse Osmosis filter is an excellent edition to any kitchen, providing clear, great tasting water for all meal preparation. Dishwashers using a Reverse Osmosis filter will also be free from limescale, improving their lifespan.


Water from a Reverse Osmosis filter ensures you have pure, clear water for all drinks preparation, including soda water, cordials and hot drinks. Reverse Osmosis water can also help to keep your glassware free from streaks and marks.

The RObust range is available for flow rates from 55 litres per hour up to 150 litres per hour. For larger establishments, we also have a range of commercial Reverse Osmosis systems. We'll advise you on which system would be best for your business as well as any pre- or post-treatment required for your water supply.

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Reverse Osmosis for HoReCa

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