Newsday Tuesday – A UV Concierge, Madam?

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Newsday Tuesday - The Blackcomb UV Smorgasbord

Blackcomb UV MenuThe Blackcomb UV disinfection systems are a great bit of kit. They’re incredibly effective and the design of their user interface and alert system makes using and maintaining them an absolute breeze. We produced a detailed guide all about how to read the Blackcomb Controller which you can find by clicking right on these words here.

What we’ve not really mentioned in the past is the wealth of optional extras that are available for these UV systems. Luminor have thought of all the little things that can make maintaining a UV a pain, and then whacked out a module to automate it or make the process practically idiot proof.

We’re probably a bit guilty of not making enough fuss about the Blackcomb UV’s. We have a whole section of our site dedicated to them but honestly, we should really be throwing these things into your faces (metaphorically of course) as often as possible.

Let’s open up the Luminor Menu and check out what tasty side orders you can get for your UV system, shall we? (Rhetorical question… because I’m doing it anyway!)


SHERPA Remote Water Quality Monitor


First on the menu, a deliciously useful addition to your UV main meal, the SHERPA is a remote monitor that works up to 150 metres away from your UV system. This delectable delight allows you to monitor the status of your UV from the comfort of your own home, and will inform you of any alarms or maintenance required without having to physically check on the UV system itself. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea or a glass of wine whilst sitting in your comfy chair.


UV Sensor Module

UV Sensor

A very popular side dish, the UV Sensor Module really brings out the detailed flavours in your Blackcomb UV by allowing you to monitor the UV transmittance levels of your system. It makes sure that your UV system is administering a healthy dose of UV-C light to your water supply, and should it dip to a sub-optimal level, it will sound an alarm. A simple, yet enjoyable addition to any UV dish, and pairs well with the SHERPA for a fine fusion of flavours.


Solenoid Module


The Solenoid Module, whilst not a mainstay part of the UV meal, is nonetheless a tantalising and comforting additional spice. Powering a solenoid valve to remain open, the Solenoid Module is capable of shutting off your water supply should your UV system not be performing properly. When combined with the UV Sensor Module, the Solenoid Module adds a subtle, yet safe and comforting aroma for your indulgence.


Remote Alarm Module

Remote Alarm

For those of you who find the full bodied flavours of the SHERPA a little too rich for their palate, we have a simpler, yet no less appetising alternative in the Remote Alarm Module. Should your Blackcomb UV fail for any reason, this module will remotely sound a robust, powerful alarm, drawing your attention to the Blackcomb UV. Goes well with peas (it doesn’t.)


Temperature To Taste

Cooling Fan

Is your Blackcomb UV too spicy, or far too hot? We offer a few options for adjusting the temperate to suit your requirements, thus allowing you to enjoy your UV meal to the standards you prefer. A Cooling Fan to keep the Blackcomb UV delightfully cool and refreshing, or the TRV (Temperature Relief Valve) which siphons off some of the water supply should you have to leave your Blackcomb standing for any length of time, thus cooling the system.



For the Connoisseur - The UV Concierge

ConciergeLogoIs the standard menu of optional extras not enough to satiate your appetite? Well then, sir/madam/[insert your preferred identity of choice here], may I introduce you to the UV Concierge?

Not so much an optional extra in the same way as the above items, the Concierge is more of a companion dish to your Blackcomb UV main course. The concierge enables you to monitor your UV from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone or a PC. The Concierge app has options for adding multiple UV systems to it, meaning you can monitor UV systems in different parts of the country… heck, the world on one system.

ConciergeA particularly tempting aperitif for all you technicians and contractors out there who are monitoring multiple customer’s UV’s, or the business mogul with several breweries or farms around the country, each with their own systems. The Concierge app will tell you when UV systems have issues, what’s wrong with them, when they require servicing and so on.

The Concierge app is the perfect accompaniment to any Blackcomb UV.



So… may I take your order?

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