MO-9 Reverse Osmosis for Dairy Farm Arrives

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MO-9 in Crate

This week, an MO-9 Reverse Osmosis System has arrived in the J&F Water Treatment warehouse. This monster of a unit only just about fits through our warehouse shutter as it sits in a crate that’s 4.5m long. When these immense Reverse Osmosis systems arrive at our premises, it’s up to our experienced warehouse team to expertly and carefully get them inside. It’s no simple feat!

Forklift and MO9The MO-9 also turned up with plenty of other stock, including Ecomix, 6 stage RO drinking systems, an array of filters and more. We also had an MO24000 arrive. We’d normally be making that the focus of this article, but the MO-9 has definitely eclipsed it… figuratively and literally!

Despite sharing the same DNA as a robust, reliable, high quality Reverse Osmosis system, there is a significant difference between the MO24000 and it’s (much) bigger brother, the MO-9.

Let’s compare.

The MO24000 is capable of putting our 24,000 litres of purified water per day. Obviously, that means it’s capable of 1m3/hour. That is plenty of water for most water requirement needs. You’d be hard pressed drinking that much water in a day, never mind an hour.

MO-9 side viewThe MO-9, on the other hand, can put out 9m3/hour of purified water; nine times the amount of an MO24000! The amount of water this thing can put out is at an industrial level. To put it into perspective, if you were to pass all the water from an Olympic sized swimming pool (that’s 2500 cubic meters of water) through an MO24000, it would take about 105 days. I hope you have nothing to do for just over a quarter of a year.

If you used an MO-9, you’d be finished in just over 11 days.

As you can see, no matter what sort of flow rate you require, we will have the correct Reverse Osmosis system for you. All of our systems have high quality parts that are built to be reliable and to last, including Dow Filmtec XLE membranes and Grundfos high pressure pumps. The smart controller self monitors and warns you when maintenance or attention is required such as membrane’s needing changing and pressure warnings.

MO-9 Whole ViewWe always love getting the big pieces of kit into the warehouse, and the MO-9 is an impressive sight at 4.2 metres in length and 850kg in weight (you could run full tilt at this thing, drop kick it and you’d bounce off it!) It’s going to be the central piece to any water treatment setup. Despite it’s size and capabilities, it’s surprisingly easy to install, as are all the Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis systems, with simple in/out connectors for placing pre and post treatment solutions.

The MO-9 will be heading out soon to a Dairy Farm. Unbelievably, they will be using it for washdown, and cross contamination is a big thing in a farm which they can’t afford to allow. Still, an MO-9 for washing down a dairy farm; that is a lot of cow sh… err, milk.

A case study will soon be following on just what we provided to the dairy farm and how it’s helped them with their business. We’ll let you know through the usual channels when it’s up but check back regularly, as we plan on updating more frequently with more useful guides, product breakdowns and case studies in the near future.

In the meantime, if you think you may need a Reverse Osmosis system, or some other water treatment solution, then get in touch by sending us an enquiry here, or give one of our experts a call on 01538 399 048.

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