Case Study – Whole House Water Treatment

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Initial Analysis

An existing customer in Country Carlow, Ireland approached J&F to help supply a brand new water treatment system to replace one that was ten years old and had never been serviced. A water analysis showed:


  • High turbidity
  • Elevated levels of iron and manganese
  • Hard water
  • Strong odour- due to high levels of hydrogen sulphide


The previous ten year old system was clogged up with iron and manganese due to the fact it had never been serviced, meaning it all needed to be removed to install a brand new unit. The company required a whole house system, as the water was to be used for showers, washing machines and drinking water.

What we recommended

Working with our customer the following equipment was specified and subsequently supplied by J&F:


  • Filter AG+ unit with TC clack valve
  • Pyrolox unit with TC clack valve
  • Ecomix unit with CI clack valve
  • Catalytic carbon unit with air intake and CI clack valve

The Solution

Turbidity affects the transparency of the water, often giving it a murky brown tinge due to suspended matter in the water such as clay, sand and silt. High levels of turbidity can result in leaving behind marks in sinks and bathtubs and affect certain appliances and plumbing.

The water’s appearance also becomes unappealing but what’s most concerning is turbidity can pose serious health risks. Pathogens in the water source can lead to waterborne diseases. To combat the high turbidity caused by the iron particles we recommended Filter Ag+ because, compared to normal sand filters, its rough surface area and efficient absorptive structure allow it to perform for longer periods of time and have a higher capacity of sediment loading.

In Ireland, the ground is laden with high amounts of iron and manganese. When this is present in water it can lead to staining on any surfaces the matter comes into contact with, alterations to the taste, and clogging of pipework and appliances. Removing the iron and manganese would help to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the showers, sinks and appliances within the property. To achieve efficient removal, J&F supplied both a Pyrolox and Ecomix unit.

Pyrolox, a granular filter media, works through the process of oxidisation. The oxidised iron and manganese will then essentially become ‘trapped’ within the media and then be removed through a backwashing cycle. This media is efficient at removing these compounds as well as hydrogen sulphide in problem waters, all without the need for salt regeneration.

Ecomix & Bag



Ecomix, one of our favourite filter medias, provides an advanced five stage treatment for the removal of both iron and manganese, in addition to water hardness, ammonia and organic substances; making it perfect for an all-in-one solution. Ferrosorb, a unique ingredient within Ecomix, has an advanced process for removing both iron and manganese; it is able to remove dissolved and suspended forms, among others. Manganese, however, is more problematic to remove. Higher volumes can contain black sediment or turbidity due to the precipitated manganese. Because the water supply had high levels of iron we suggested installing an Ecomix unit after the Pyrolox unit, to remove any iron and manganese that may have been left after the Pyrolox unit.

Water hardness is a common characteristic in the majority of Ireland’s water supply. Ecomix helped address the issue with hard water in this particular supply. When it came to this project, issues with pipework and appliances would have been caused by the hard water and therefore increased maintenance and repair costs. One of the five ingredients that make up Ecomix is the cation exchange resin. Calcium and magnesium ions that create the limescale are essentially captured by the resin and then during the backwash cycle are displaced with sodium ions. The entire system is then rinsed and regenerated to start the process again.



Lastly, there were strong odours coming from the water and a water analysis revealed this was because of high amounts of hydrogen sulphide present in the water. This led J&F to suggest installing a Catalytic carbon unit with air intake at the end of the equipment train. We used AquaSorb CX-MCA within the unit; an activated carbon media that boasts high catalytic activity- making it highly effective when it comes to the removal of chloramines and hydrogen sulphide from potable water. Because iron was such a significant issue in the water supply, the air intake would aid in the removal of suspended iron through oxidisation, preventing the particles from exacerbating the turbidity problem.

The Overall Verdict

In conclusion, the residential property is very satisfied with their new water treatment solution, which offers clear, safe water for use and consumption. If you notice any issues in your water that resembles these, don’t hesitate to get in contact or give us a call on 01538 399 048. As you can see, we can provide an effective solution that will be tailor designed to treat your specific water treatment needs.

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