Treating borehole water on a 50 acre plant nursery

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Borehole Treatment with UV for Plant Nursery

A borehole that had been drilled for a 50 acre nursery was found to contain a high level of iron and small amount of manganese. The water was required for irrigation, misting and sprinkler systems (specifically for greenhouse growth of tomatoes).

The high iron content was also causing problems including continual build up in pipe-work and nozzles, giving maintenance staff on-going issues meaning the use of the borehole was under question.

J&F were asked to provide a solution that would provide 15 m3/hr of water- in discussion with the owners, it was decided to target the high iron only. If the solution also reduced the manganese then this would be considered a “bonus”.

The system specified and supplied was:

2 x Single 30” diameter x 72” high backwashing units – the first unit with filter Ag+ filter media (for turbidity and suspended iron), the second with Pyrolox filter media (for dissolved iron).

Each unit was also supplied with:

1 x No hardwater bypass valve (to ensure complete backwash and to prevent the passing of iron during the backwash phase).

1 x Motorised alternating valve (to allow each unit to be backwashed with treated, clean water).

Although not part of the brief J&F recommended the installation of an ultra violet disinfection system with a 5 micron pre-filter. All the systems were installed, with the resulting treated water found “fit” for use – saving the site considerable money in “lost” tomatoes, maintenance and water use, with a safe working environment for staff.

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Treating borehole water on a 50 acre plant nursery
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