Dirty and Smelly Water in a Private Well

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Initial analysis

A close customer of ours in Ireland reached out as they were having a lot of issues with their water from a private well. The problem they had was with extremely dirty and smelly water. After a water analysis was undertaken, we found that it had, iron, manganese, sediment, hardness, bacteria, and a sulphur smell. A lot of things to treat, but J&F had the perfect solution…

issues with their water in a private well



We supplied 4 different treatment units and a UV system that would leave the customer with fresh, clean water.

The systems were:


We started with the 10×44 TC Filter AG+ unit. This is an excellent medium for removing sediment from the water. The high surface area of Filter AG+ also gives it the added benefit of longer filter runs and fewer backwashing cycles. This all natural, environmentally safe product is a perfect way to start the cleaning process.

Filter-Ag Plus Media

The next step in the process is to treat the iron and manganese problem, using a 10×44 TCF Pyrolox unit. The granular water filtration will also help in removing the hydrogen sulphide smell from the problem water. Pyrolox media works by a process called oxidisation. Particulates from the oxidised iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide become trapped in the media and are then removed from the system during a backwash cycle.

Following that, we then installed our most popular and useful water treatment media; Ecomix. Advanced five-stage treatment media for an all-in-one solution. The robust media continues to filter out iron and manganese from the water, as well as any organic matter still remaining. The softener element of Ecomix also reduces the hardness in the water supply.

Ecomix is always a solid choice as it’s effective over a wide range of operating conditions and it’s capable of treating ammonia in addition to all the above.


Blackcomb Water TreatmentAfter the Ecomix, the water passes through a 10×44 Catalytic Carbon unit, made from coconut shell. This is primarily to treat the sulphates in the water and eliminate the “rotten egg” aroma. It will also act as a final pass for removing any organic compounds left in the water after the previous treatments.

Last but by no means least, we installed an LB5-063 6gpm Luminor Blackcomb This is to kills any bacteria in the water. The reason we put this as the last step in the process is to prevent shadowing. A UV system placed earlier in the water treatment cycle would struggle to eliminate bacteria due to the other contaminants in the water effectively masking or “hiding” the virus from the UV light. After all other contaminants have been removed from the water however, the UV treatment will have no problem eliminating all viruses and bacteria.




The entire water treatment solution has taken what was originally very problematic water and completely transformed it. The water is now crystal clear and the customer now has a reliable, safe water supply.

If you notice any issues in your water that resembles these, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As you can see, we can provide an effective solution that can be designed to treat your specific water treatment needs.

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