Removing Nitrates at a Microbrewery

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Nitrate Removal at a Microbrewery

J&F were contacted by a Microbrewery who wanted to utilise a recently drilled borehole. A water analysis showed that this source contained excessive concentrations of nitrates making it unsuitable for any of their several different recipes.

Discussions with J&F technical staff showed that a simple nitrate removal unit would give consistent water quality even when taking into consideration the addition of chlorides that this would entail. Each different brew already had to add a quantity of chloride, this could then be taken into consideration in the recipe formula.

J&F supplied the following equipment:

1 x 20 micron sediment filter and filter housing

1 x duplex nitrate reduction unit using a nitrate selective ion exchange resin and a Clack WS1 TT duplex valve

It was also decided that a recirculation system for their storage tank be adopted, continuously recirculating stored water through a dedicated ultra violet disinfection unit, minimising any microbiological issues.

J&F further supplied:

1 x 5 micron sediment filter and filter housing

1 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV system

Removing Nitrates at a Microbrewery
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