Water Treatment for A Commercial Carwash

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Water Treatment for A Commercial Carwash

J&F were asked by a leading pump supply and installation company, to treat the water from a newly drilled borehole.

The intended application for the new water filtration system, was for the treated water to be used for car washing bays on a city centre garage forecourt.

J&F were provided with a water analysis that showed; turbidity, high iron, manganese and high hardness.

The requirement was for a peak flow rate of 4 m3/hr.

J&F specified and supplied the following:

• 2 x Filter Ag+ backwashing units for turbidity
• 1 x Duplex EcoMedia unit for iron, manganese and hardness
• 1 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV system with a 5 micron pre-filter
• The UV system was specified even though the water was not for consumption but the water was airborne in a public place

The results showed a number of key and clear findings, benefiting both the business and their customers.

Mains water has been replaced by newly treated borehole water, ensuring that cars are left “streak free”.

No extraction license was in place but the savings are estimated to be worth around £20,000 over a twelve-month period. However, the company is now looking into obtaining an extraction license to increase savings even further.

The company is also looking into commercial reverse osmosis in order to extend the range of cleaning options, opening up different avenues for revenue.

As the project has been a success, they are now surveying other busy sites with a view to drill boreholes, treat the water and increase annual company savings even further.

Water Treatment for A Commercial Carwash
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