Water Treatment for A New Barn Conversion Complex

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Water Treatment for A New Barn Conversion Complex

J&F were asked by a borehole drilling customer to specify the water treatment required to bring a newly drilled borehole to a potable standard for a group of new “high end” barn conversions. The intended application was for general domestic use.
The water analysis provided showed turbidity, high nitrates, high hardness and coliforms. We were also informed that the water smelled of a rotten egg (hydrogen sulphide).

The water was to be treated directly from the borehole and stored prior to distribution to the homes.

Requirement for treating a peak flow rate of 5.5 m3/hr

J&F specified & supplied the following:
2 x Filter Ag+ backwashing units for turbidity complete with Clack No Hardwater Bypass valves
• 1 x Duplex Softener for reducing hardness
• 1 x Simplex Nitrate Selective resin unit with Clack No Hardwater Bypass valve
• 1 x Catalytic Carbon unit to remove the hydrogen sulphide
• The filtration units to be fitted with Clack WS1 CI valves
• 1 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV system with 5-micron pre-filter
• The above to installed before storage and distribution
• J&F further specified a second Luminor Blackcomb 5 UV to be fitted in a recirculation loop back to the storage tank
• A third UV was also specified with UV sensor, remote alarm and solenoid valve connection

In conclusion, the installation was considered a success by all involved with clear benefits as shown below;

Mains water was never installed at an approximate saving of £23,000 as there was a large amount of work needed, in order to connect to the nearest mains supply.
On-going savings by using free borehole water.

Water Treatment for A New Barn Conversion Complex
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