Huge Clack Delivery

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And here we see a hungry pack of warehouse workers as they advance on a delivery truck that has entered into their habitat. The younger member of the pack approaches, tool in hand, and makes short work of breaking open the hard, protective shell. Revealed within are the spoils, but there is still much work to be done before these stout and hardy folk can begin feeding… on a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The senior member of the pack is granted access to the revered Forklift Truck. This is definitely because of the authority he commands and the respect that the younger pack members have for his wisdom and experience. It is most certainly not because they’re all worried he’ll make a mess of loading the forks or generally cock things up. No sir. It’s definitely the respect and the wisdom thing. Definitely.

The warehouse workers make short work of the Brine Tanks, bringing them deep into their lair. It’s been a good haul for the pack, with both 95 litre Brine Tanks and 72 litres ready to be stored upon the racks. The forklift truck makes tackling the pallets of Birm a simple affair, especially when directed by the youthful, somewhat judgemental eyes of the youngest.

As the unloading is carried out, small rituals are carried out among the pack. The forklift truck driver’s ability is mocked with playful cries such as “Do you remember how to drive, grandpa?” and “Do you need glasses?” The warehouse worker on the forklift truck gives as good as he gets, of course, informing his tormentor that he should “Get on with it, it’s raining!” and “If you go any slower, you’d be asleep!” This, of course, is a form of bonding among the pack and also serves to improve morale… probably.

Also found on the truck are 1″ and 1.5″ Clack Valves as well as Mineral Tanks, in 10×54, 21×36, and 12×52 sizes. Taking them all down takes cooperation and precise timing amongst the pack. They haul their quarry into the warehouse; a welcome sight indeed. This will ensure that the pack will eat in the coming months (because, you know… we pay them with money and they use that money to buy food. J&F Water Treatment is strictly against employing anyone who would eat a mineral tank.)


Finally, the Corosex is removed from the truck with a minimal amount of sniggering. After all, this is an experienced, mature pack of warehouse workers with their focus on the task at hand. Besides, they’ve already heard all the jokes.

After cleaning up and retreating to the warehouse, all that remains now is to look over the hearty takings and begin preparations to store it all away. Warehouse workers are, after all, renowned for their desire to rack and store just about anything they find, whether you want them to or not. I have a sandwich in there somewhere.

Brine Tanks, Mineral Tanks, Clack Valves, Pallets of Birm and Corosex; it’s been a good delivery. If some of you out there could maybe start buying some of this stuff, we would greatly appreciate it. We need to reach the kettle and it’s behind all of this lot!

# # #