J&F Water Treatment – Ireland

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J&F Nenagh, Ireland

Did you know we have a sister company in Ireland? Well, we do.

Like ourselves J&F Nenagh gets involved with lots of domestic products.

However, increasingly both facilities are getting active in larger projects. These include Commercial RO Systems. So far this year we have supplied RO Systems from 10,000 litres per day up to 3m3 per hour. We have also supplied Duplex Softeners based on 1.5″ and 2″ Clack® Valves and also Simplex 1,000 litre Softeners using the Clack® 3″ Valve.

Nenagh inventory reflects this business so we also carry Softening Resin, Carbon and Sediment Media, Ecomix®, Pyrolux® and pH Correction Media by container loads.

So we would say that although slightly biased towards domestic systems based around the 1″ Clack® Valves and Tanks up to 20″, we are also increasingly doing more and more commercial work and that is a direction we want to keep moving in.

We hope this gives you a better insight of what our sister company is about.

You can check out our Irish website at www.jfwatertreatment.ie

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