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We’re back again for another Newsday Tuesday. So get your cup of tea (or coffee)- made with R.O water of course… have a sit down, and a nice read.

How to deal with Borehole water

Borehole drill


Borehole water is becoming increasingly popular within the residential, agricultural, and commercial sectors due to higher water demand. Large consumers of water in industries such as farming, hospitality, manufacturing plants, leisure facilities, and power stations are favouring this choice of private water supply as it is a more cost-effective method of acquiring water. Private home owners also reap the rewards as borehole water costs significantly less than municipal water.

Groundwater Pollution

As with mains water that is treated using chemicals, borehole water can only be used in every form if it is treated. Since the water is coming straight from the ground, this means it could possibly be contaminated with high levels of iron and manganese, organic compounds causing high turbidity, bacteria, nitrates, and low pH levels. Taste and odour can also be affected too. These are the most common reasons for people getting borehole water treated, and it’s important to get the water’s chemical composition right so it doesn’t affect drinking water, cooking, or vegetables grown for human consumption.

Why you need to treat borehole water

Because of illegal waste dumping and the general composition of the ground, this gives rise to toxic substances including heavy metals, ammonia, and organic compounds. If not treated properly, contaminants in borehole water can cause many long term side effects. Borehole water contains invisible microbes and bacteria and you can’t always tell the water is contaminated just from the taste or smell. There are negative side effects including livestock dying from consuming contaminated water, and humans experiencing diarrhoea and vomiting.

One of the most common uses of borehole water is for drinking. Often, because the water has been drilled from underground, it is assumed it will automatically be fresh and pure, however it’s important to get a water analysis to make sure. If any contaminants are found, then it’s time for water treatment!

Ways to treat borehole water

Deciding what water treatment to use greatly depends on the water analysis. For instance, if iron and manganese levels are high, J&F would recommend an Ecomix or Pyrolox unit as they have great absorption abilities for these kinds of contaminants. On the other hand, if bacteria is an issue, our renowned Blackcomb UV is the ideal choice, as it is perfect for private water sources and residential properties, as well as small commercial businesses. For larger businesses’ the Rainier UV is a solid solution.

Borehole water treatment equipment- J&F

Having access to borehole water can supply many benefits to both private homeowners and businesses alike. J&F is here to answer any questions about your groundwater quality, and advise the best solutions for you because we know how important clean water is.

P'ure Balance Limited Offer Reminder

If you haven’t already seen, we’ve got a pretty exciting promotion happening right now. To remind you, or inform you if you haven’t seen this yet, J&F are willing to offer an Ecosoft P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis system in place of a 5 and 6 Stage drinking system, on us. We think they’re that great, and that you’ll be instantly impressed, so we want to invest in this for you.

Just to reiterate: That’s as many as you want, no snags, no drawbacks (so basically you don’t have to worry about reading the terms and conditions.) You can thank us later.

We’re doing this because these systems are superior to its 5 and 6 stage younger sibling. We’re encouraging you to reap all the benefits, on us! Here are some of the benefits for you to read over or remind yourself of:


pure balance in the home> Unique “Aquagreen” technology means less wasted water. Customers can save 20,000 litres of water per year compared to 5 and 6 stage drinking systems.

> Aquaspring filter creates the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium. No more “bland” tasting RO water.

> Pumped systems are pre-mounted for ease of install – no fuss, no hassle.

> Attractive design and compact.

> Provides 290L of water a day compared to 190L from the 5 and 6 stage systems

> We can supply the replacement filters and they can be replaced by anyone easily!


Who doesn’t want a mini plant producing clean, potable water at the kitchen sink? Talk about convenience.

This is the most advanced and reliable option for purifying drinking water, and we want you to experience it and find out why P’ure Balance should be your go-to product for in-house reverse osmosis drinking systems.

If any of this looks like something you’re interested in, you know how much sales love to talk, so dial the number and get your water treatment solution today. We want everyone to have the perfect tailored solution for them.


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