Newsday Tuesday – Ecomix and Updates

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Newsday Tuesday - Ecomix & Updates

On this lovely weekday, I’d like to inform you a little further on Ecomix A and Ecomix P. These Ecomix’s entirely depend on what kind of water you intend on treating. But let’s take this a little further.

Ecomix A offers a powerful and comprehensive water treatment. It effectively ticks all the boxes in the water treatment world, removing nasties from you water. What could they be, you might ask?Ecomix Resin Iron, Manganese, Organic Matter and Ammonia. But the list doesn’t end there, it also helps treat water hardness.

Now onto Ecomix P, this lightweight alternative still has all the attributes to be able to remove iron, manganese and soften water. It’s a triple threat! The only thing it doesn’t do is remove ammonia from the water supply. But, Ecomix P is a lot more cost effective, for less problematic water. Yes, the decision for Ecomix gets harder.

If we are going to be brutal and really compare the two, Ecomix A has an average lifespan of 5 years whereas, Ecomix P has a slightly shorter lifespan of 3 years. So that might help with deciding which is best for you.

If this article is really not helping you and your Ecomix needs, one of our helpful team at J&F will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and the best version of Ecomix that would be suitable for you.


There could be some issues on the horizon shipping wise

We are all aware of the continuing problem of the Coronavirus. For a start, it has not gone away as quickly as we had once hoped. Unfortunately, because of that not everything has gone fully back to normal just yet. Sad face. Air Cargo and Airplane

We are extremely lucky to still be able to operate, so we are grateful for that. However, we do have suppliers out in California and Florida who are still having problems. I think we can all agree America isn’t in the best way at the moment, with people still struggling with the outbreak and beyond that, some other issues… let’s not get into it.

It may not come as a surprise that air freight costs are getting out of hand. It kind of makes sense, as due to the lack of air freight the costs are increasing, which sucks for us. We will of course do our very best to insure they aren’t getting ridiculous. Nonetheless, you may have to bear with us slightly. Undoubtedly we will be sure to keep you in the loop money-wise as the situation develops.

In brighter news, keep your eyes peeled for some incoming articles

We have multiple interesting reads for you over the upcoming weeks, watch this space for the following:

A Clack Valve Troubleshooting Guide. Yes, that’s as exciting as it sounds. The guide you didn’t know you needed.

Next on the list is, an in-depth look at Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems. Diving deep into purified water. 6,500 litres a day, up to 36,000 to be exact.

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We will try out best to keep you entertained, in a watery kind of way, of course. Not only that, we have news articles coming your way on a weekly basis so make sure you stay up to date.

Other than all that, we hope you have a great rest of your week. We will see you next Tuesday for more news and info from J&F Water Treatment.

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