Newsday Tuesday – Getting back on track

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Staying Vigilant - Even With Beer

BeerThe pubs, bars and restaurants re-opened on the 4th July, so everyone went crazy, slammed themselves as close together as possible and covered themselves in alcohol. That seems like a sensible response to a killer virus outbreak.

At J&F, we’re still trying to be as vigilant as we can be. Everyone is coated head to foot in hand sanitizer and we’re wiping down door handles and sitting in the furthest corners of the office away from each other. Standard office supplies are now a PC, a stapler, a ruler, a semaphore flag and a pair of binoculars.

Business, however, is largely getting back to normal which is nice to see. Evidently, companies the world over have had varying degrees of setbacks and issues but it does feel like everyone is returning to some semblance of normality (Not you, America. Sort yourself out!)

One of our main suppliers, MWG, had to shut down for two weeks during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s nice to see them open again and getting back to normal operating patterns. Clack and Luminor also had disruptions during the outbreak but they both seem to be back in fighting form, which is excellent. Clack Valves and UV’s for everyone!

Some Lingering Issues

Air Cargo and AirplaneUnfortunately, things have not gone completely back to normal. We have suppliers out in California and Florida who are still having problems; this isn’t surprising with the state of things over in America at the moment, who are still suffering pretty badly from the outbreak, among other things. (Seriously; sort yourselves America.)

In other news, air freight costs are getting crazy! Due to the lack of air freighting actually happening thanks to this cursed mess of a year, air freight charges are in many cases, doubling. We’ve been doing our level best to try and deal with the rising cost of air freight charges for a while now, but should there be any changes to our air freight costs, then we’ll make sure to update you on precisely what the plan is. We’ve locked John in a room with a calculator and we won’t let him out until he’s got an answer for us.

Mineral Tanks

In other news, our website continues to grow with a new section dedicated to the many sizes of mineral tanks that we offer. Whether you want them as part of a system or on their own as a replacement, we’ll have you covered. We’ve got everything from cabinet softeners all the way up to immense “could-probably-live-in-this-if-I-tried” sizes for industrial applications. You can check the new web-page out by clicking right here.

That’s all for now. Check back next week for more news and info from J&F Water Treatment.

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