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Newsday Tuesday - We Like To Help

As the last month of this (let’s be frank… vile!) year comes to a close, we’ve put out a lot of helpful content here on the J&F info Centre. With how chaotic and unpredictable this year has been, it wouldn’t surprise us if some of this has slipped your notice.

Fortunately for you lucky ducks, we’ve put together this recap of some of the most popular and useful articles we’ve produced. Maybe there’s something you’ve missed, forgotten or didn’t get round to looking at. We’ve got a little bit of everything and we sincerely hope you find something that will help.

Ecosoft UK Master Distributor

Ecosoft Master DistributorIf you’ve been on our website in the last few months or checked us out on social media, then you’ll likely already know about this. However, for anyone who has somehow, unfathomably missed the memo, we’re the UK Master Distributor for Ecosoft. What does that mean?

It means we’re your first port of call for all Ecosoft products here in the UK. Better prices, better availability, more stock than you can shake a big blue filter housing at; we’re the chaps and lasses to go to.

Read More about Ecosoft UK Master Distributor here.

Bespoke, Rig-Mounted Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Solution on RigThis year, we’ve had considerable success with our new bespoke system services. For those looking to take all the headache and difficulty out of installing and maintaining a water treatment system, the custom created rig-mounted water treatment systems have been a welcome solution.

We put the entire water treatment system together for you; water softeners, carbon units, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, whatever you need. Then the whole thing gets mounted to a specially designed rig. All that’s required it to pop the entire rigged water treatment system into place, connect up your water supply, and you’re away!

An in-depth look at a Bespoke System can be viewed here.

Two more Bespoke Systems can be seen in a previous Newsday Tuesday post by clicking here.

Blackcomb UV Installation & Maintenance Guides

Blackcomb UV Install & Maintenance GuideThe Blackcomb UV Disinfection range is a popular one. Not surprising, considering how incredibly reliable and high quality they are. Due to their popularity, we decided to put together some guides and videos on how to install a Blackcomb UV, how to replace the UV bulb, and how to replace the quartz sleeve.

If you’re ever in need or knowing how to do this, or perhaps just want a reminder (you don’t often have to replace UV bulbs or quartz sleeves for a year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve forgotten), then bookmark this page. It’ll walk you through the process, step by step. Easy!

The Blackcomb UV Guides can be found by clicking here.

Reverse Osmosis for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Robust Pro BacklitWe produced a detailed look at how water quality can have a huge impact on the HoReCa industry. It’s surprising just how much water can have an effect on something as simple as making a cup of coffee, altering the taste of prepared food, and the upkeep and maintenance of expensive brewing and washing appliances.

The RObust series by Ecosoft is designed with the hospitality industry in mind. The article we did on RObust in the HoReCa industry is one of the most viewed posts, so clearly a lot of folks found it useful reading. Check it out and see if perhaps you need a RObust system… or maybe learn the science behind how to make the best cup of coffee.

Read the RObust system in the HoReCA Industry article by clicking here.

Water Quality for Breweries

It can take anywhere between 35 and 300 litres of water to create 1 pint of beer.

It’s probably best to ensure that the water quality for producing that beer is as good as it can be, then. What a waste otherwise! We go into some detail about how water alters the taste of beer and quality of the final product, as well as how it is treated.

We often talk to breweries who tell us that they use Mains Water, which is safe and perfectly adequate for producing beer.

Safe, yes. Adequate? Nope.

Read more about how water plays an optimal part in producing delicious alcoholic beverages right here. You could even drink a beer while you read it. Madness!

UV Disinfection Controller Guide

The Controllers for the Blackcomb UV’s are easy to use and really simple to understand. But, as with all technology, there’s always going to be something that might get you a smidge confused, or you can’t quite work out what it means.

We put the Blackcomb UV Controller guide together to cover all the possible screens you might see and what they mean. We go into detail about the colour-coded warning system, what to do when you see certain alerts and how to understand some of the more technical info the controller might throw your way.

With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to answer any question you might have about the UV controller.

Take a look of the UV Controller guide right here.

Infographics Free to Print & Keep

Technically, everything in the Info Centre is free. We’re not charging you to access our wealth of water treatment knowledge and experience. The Infographics were designed for our website and they became quite popular. We saw a lot of people clicking and presumably saving the images, the cheeky blankets!

We decided to put together some better, hi-res versions of the infographics so that you can download them in better quality. These images are big enough to print them out as big posters if you wanted. We were even good enough to provide them in black and white, because we know just how flippin’ expensive colour ink cartridges can be!

Take a look at them by clicking the links below.

Water Softener Infographic

Reverse Osmosis Infographic

UV Disinfection Infographic

MAV vs TT - Which is Better?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Similarly, and a lot less cruel and messily, there’s more than one way to split the water flow between two water treatment systems. Duplex Water Softeners are the most obvious version of this, but essentially, you have two water softeners (or whatever) and the water flow can be directed to one whilst the other regenerates or is maintained or whatever you like.

There’s two main ways to control this process of one active system, one in standby. A MAV setup, or a TT setup.

Oh, the wonderful world of Clack Valves, eh? There’s lot to think about, pros and cons to each, and we go into detail about it all in the MAV vs TT guide. Also, we actually give you an answer; no cop-out “it depends” answers from us, like you get with so many of these kinds of arguments.

To find out which one we’d put our money on, check the MAV vs TT guide by clicking here.

Coming in 2021

Firstly, 2020 isn’t over yet (unfortunately… pandemics, eh? Who’d have ’em?). We’ve still got a few bits we want to put out there before the year is through. We’ll be back next week with a Newsday Tuesday, and we’ve got an Iron & Manganese Treatment article on its way to you this week as well.

Next year, we’ve got all kinds of plans for the J&F journey, and we’ll be keeping it well documented here in the Info Centre so you can ride along with us. We’ve got more Reverse Osmosis news and articles on its way, and we’ll be launching our Video Guides series as well. That’s right, you’ll be able to see our faces, hear our voices, and then we’ll be famous water treatment celebrities living rock and roll lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Hope springs eternal, right?

We’re looking forward to growing the Info Centre in 2021, even more so than it has this year. So stick with us, folks. We’re planning on being so helpful and generous to you lot, you’ll think Christmas hasn’t ended!

Stay safe, wash everything and check back next week for the final Newsday Tuesday of the year!


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