Newsday Tuesday – Luminor UV’s, Ecosoft Delivery & Clack Valves, Oh My…

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Newsday Tuesday - Ecosoft delivery steals a quarter of our warehouse

It’s another Tuesday which means it’s time for your regular update on what’s happening at J&F Water Treatment. We’re sure you’ve been hitting the refresh button over and over again, desperate for this update, so… here you go. You’re welcome!

First up, it’s really hot. Oh god, it’s hot. The British do enjoy moaning about how cold it is for most of the year, so you’d think we’d be thrilled when the sun comes out. Unfortunately, we’re just not built for it, and we immediately melt. We’re like people made out of candle wax.

The warehouse folks have been getting loads of sun, however. They’re not complaining (ed: Not true. They basically work inside a giant oven during the summer!). They’ve been out on the forklifts and pump trucks taking in pallet after pallet that’s arrived over the last few days.

First up, Ecosoft. Let’s just say “a lot” turned up. Look at all this!

Ecosoft Delivery 1 Ecosoft Delivery 3

That at the front is yet another Reverse Osmosis machine, an MO24000 to be exact, which will be heading out shortly. Surely that’s be enough for Reverse Osmosis in one order, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong…

Ecosoft Delivery 2 - Domestic RO's

That’s 28 domestic Reverse Osmosis units. Yep.

What else do we have in the Ecosoft delivery? Glad you asked, voice-in-my-head. Here we go:

Coconut Shell Based Carbon Filters

5 Micron Sediment Cartridge Filters

10 Micron Sediment Cartridge Filters

20 Micron Sediment Cartridge Filters

10 Micron String Wound Sediment Catridges

20 Micron String Wound Sediment Catridges

Membrane Elements

Coconut Shell Carbon Catridges

BB20 Inline Water Filters

BB10 Inline Water Filters

Water Softener Salt Pellets

Plenty there. It’s taken up an entire quarter of our warehouse, along with the aforementioned MO24000 and 5 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis units. This is just the beginning, because we’ve also had a couple of pallets full of Luminor products arrive in our warehouse as well.

It’s all go…

Luminor Delivery

We have enough UV products in our warehouse to commit mass genocide on all the bacteria within a large lake. Arriving this week, we’ve had two more pallets full of UV units, replacement lamps, sleeves, etc.

Luminor Delivery Luminor Pallet

Blackcomb; Luminor’s signature brand of UV lamps, is a very popular model, and with good reason too. Not only is it high quality and exceedingly reliable, the controller you get with it is user friendly and keeps you up to date on your UV system. The controller is half the reason why Blackcomb’s are so reliable.

Luminor Delivery Luminor Delivery

We created a guide concerning the UV controller and what all the various displays means and what you should do. You can read it by clicking right here.

If you need a UV, or replacement parts for existing UV’s you’re maintaining, then get in touch because chances are really high right now that we have what you need in stock!

Clack Valves 'R' Us

Clack Valves Main ImageWe’re always updating our website, making tweaks here and there to make it as good as it can be for you fine folks. We can’t leave it alone and need to keep improving because we’re desperate for your approval, you see.

The latest update is a whole section on our products page dedicated to Clack Valves.

We go into detail about the various Clack Valves we offer, both for duplex and simplex systems, offer up some specifications on the Valves for quick at-a-glance information and provide some datasheets which you can print off and take away with you as a souvenir of the time we’ve spent together on the website. You can look at it in the years to come and remember fondly back upon the time you read all about Clack Valves on the J&F Water Treatment website. Good times.

I think I might have sunstroke.


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