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Short story: Our Eurotrol and Ecosoft Delivery

You know how we said in our previous blog post we’ve got a delivery coming in hot? Well, we’ve had a busy week receiving loads of water treatment products. (and a lot of tricky manoeuvring with the forklift.)

For sure, the highlight of this delivery was our commercial MO12000. Because of the current situation the world is in with climate change, and people being conscious about waste, this system is a winner for being eco-friendly and economic. You probably want to know how, so here goes;

‘Water that is passed through the MO12000 is divided into two streams; Purified water (permeate), and high salt water (concentrate). Whereas the purified water is made available to you, the high salt water is discharged into the sewerage system. However, a part of the high salt water is passed back through the inlet pump, allowing another pass through the Reverse Osmosis process. This recycling allows you to regain water as purified water that would otherwise have been discharged into the sewerage system.’

A clever bit of kit, right? It’s best suited to small scale commercial businesses so for those of you who work in laundrettes, distillation, beverage manufacturing or with petroleum and other organic compounds, (just to name a few!) this could be a great match. The reason we wanted to highlight this product is because it fits in perfectly with the current events of coming out of lockdown. Commercial business’ are all open back up to the public, so it’s the perfect time to get that pure and fresh water, to really boost the quality of what you offer.

Furthermore, it’s an efficient choice, as the pre-filter which is already installed with the system prevents impurities larger than 5 microns damaging the membrane, meaning the machine will last for longer. Another added feature is the OC6000 controller, which gives you continuous water quality monitoring, engages an automatic shutdown to prevent dry-running, and handles the hydraulic flushing of the membranes. So what we’re trying to say, is you definitely get your money’s worth.

Here’s a rundown of everything else we have in our Eurotrol delivery:

Nitrate Removal Resin
Birm (Iron & Manganese Removal Media)
Arsenic Removal Media
Filter-Ag Plus Filtration Media
Softening Resin

Brine Valves
Brine Tank Air Check Assemblies
Brine Wells
Salt Grids
Bottom Baskets for 1.05″ Riser
“O” Ring Neck Reducers

50 Micron Spun Filter Cartridges
1 Micron Spun Filter Cartridges
10″ Filter Housings
20″ Big Housings
Mineral Tanks (various sizes)

And our Ecosoft delivery:

10” filter housings
An MO-1200 (R.O system)
¾” Ecosoft filter housings
P’ure Balance 5 stage unpumped R.O’s
And some carbon block filters


Product of the week: MO-3 Reverse Osmosis System

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’d once again like to draw your attention to the top quality MO3 reverse osmosis system. How could we not? With its terrific functionality and high performance components, this is the perfect reliable water filter for the industrial sector…especially if you work in steelworks or something along those lines.

When we say “Quality Parts” that’s not just to make it sound impressive. The MO-3 is equipped with:

  • Grundfos high pressure pump.
  • Dow Filmtec XLE membranes.
  • Danfoss automated valves.
  • Honeywell flow control valves.
  • Multi-functional controller.
  • Permeate conductivity sensor.
  • Sediment filter.
  • Vibration resistant pressure gauges and rotameters.

*Further options are also available such as ECO PRO and BW30HRLE membranes for problem water, membrane rinse with permeate and raw water blending.*

Oh, and by the way, this reverse osmosis system is also able to run without any help from you. It’ll set itself to standby when the pure water tank is full, and it can also do an automatic membrane rinse. The only time you’ll need to get involved is when the system requires maintenance.

Important Update: Current Shipping & Freight Events

Brexit, coming out of lockdown and the incident with the Suez Canal has caused no end of problems when it comes to our shipping, so we wanted to inform our customers of what this means for your orders in the coming months.

We recently sent out an email to all our customers regarding shipping, however if you missed that, here’s a quick summary for you.

Lockdown and the incident with the Suez Canal has caused international shipping issues- stock deliveries are delayed due to high demand for space, and increased freight prices.

Delays of stock – Our manufacturers are also struggling to get the parts needed to put together these wonderful water treatment solutions.

Brexit – Ports are seeing high volumes, freight companies are experiencing incredibly high demand and there are huge backlogs. (I wouldn’t like to be in charge of organising shipping right now is all I’m going to say.)

Courier issues – Because of the fact everyone has been locked away in their houses until recently, online shopping has shot up. This has consequently put pressure on delivery companies. There are also staff shortages hitting in the industry, causing further difficulties and delays.

But all hope is not lost! Our team is working super hard to get goods to you as quickly as possible, (because we know waiting is the worst), however we just want you to keep in mind the possibility of delays and that we can’t always guarantee next day delivery.

Hope you enjoyed that one today folks, and as always if you’ve got any questions, queries or would like to place an order, then get in touch with us on 01538 399048 or if you prefer, send us a message by clicking here.

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