Newsday Tuesday – New Domestic RO’s & Linking Up

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Newsday Tuesday - Up and Coming Products

Hey, it’s the 1st December! Have you opened the first door on your advent calendars? Got the decorations up? Listened to “Do they Know It’s Christmastime?” over and over again until you want to strangle someone? The festive season is upon us, whether you like it or not!

At J&F, we’ve still got plenty on. We don’t wind down in December… we cram. Cram as much as we can into the remaining year before we all go home and shove Turkey and chocolates down our throats. Let’s kick off December with a bit of a tease on what we’ve got coming through the doors in the next few weeks.

P'ure Balance Reverse OsmosisFirstly, as the Master UK Distributor for Ecosoft (We may have mentioned this a few times beforewink!) we promised we’d have new Ecosoft products rolling into the warehouse. True to our word, we’ve got a brand new product for the domestic reverse osmosis range; the Ecosoft P’ure Balance system.

Serving the same purpose as the 5 or 6 stage Reverse Osmosis, the P’ure Balance is more eco-friendly (less waste water to purified water than previous models), has “AquaSpring technology” which enriches the water with calcium and magnesium. These are two essential parts to healthy, tasty water. The P’ure Balance is also fixed to a metal frame, making it simple and quick to install. It’ll work for low flow rates as well.

More on this product will be coming to the J&F website soon, but we didn’t want to wait to tell you all about this one. It’s a great product and absolutely perfect for domestic reverse osmosis needs. We’ve got plenty of these coming into the warehouse soon, so watch this space!

We’re also shipping in an MO-3 Industrial Reverse Osmosis system which is going out the door almost as soon as it arrives. However, we’ll also be stocking another MO-3 so that we have it here in the UK. Check back next week where we’ll have more news on this.

Filter Cartridges - All Stocked Up Again

Filter CartridgesWe talk a lot about Filter Cartridges. There’s been one or two Newsday Tuesday posts about it over recent months. We can’t help it if they’re so popular, they’re worth talking about.

We have all the Filter Cartridges back in stock. Melt Blown Spun Cartridges, String Wound Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges are all sitting on the warehouse shelves, awaiting your order. Covering a range of filter qualities, from 1 Micron up to 50 Microns, and in a range of sizes from 2.5″ x 10″ up to 4.5″ x 20″.

We’ve also got Carbon Blocks and dual-gradient filter cartridges. Heck, we’ve also got a full range of sizes of filter housings, so you can get everything you need in one order if you like! Essentially, we’re stocked right up to the eyeballs in a variety of filter cartridges, so there’s full availability and no waiting. As mentioned, they’re always popular and in demand, so if you need a filter, or just want to stock up before Christmas, then give us a call and place your orders.

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