Newsday Tuesday-Out with the old, in with the new

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BREAKING NEWS. Newsday Tuesday has been hijacked to tell you about today’s top story. Developing from J&F’s main headquarters as we speak, a limited-time offer is on the horizon; upgrade from a 5/6 stage drinking system to a P’ure Balance R.O, for free.

J&F has stated: “We are willing to offer a free upgrade on 5 and 6 stage drinking systems to a P’ure Balance R.O.*”

They further stated some specifics as to why the P’ure Balance is the way to go and the ideal product to choose over the 5 and 6 Stage systems.

“This drinking filter develops on the old designs of the 5 and 6 stage drinking systems. The new technology integrated; Aquaspring and Aquagreen, are what sets it apart. Aquaspring technology makes sure that the water is as healthy and tasty as it can be by ensuring that the correct levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium are present in the water. Because of this, the water has a better taste, and isn’t ‘bland’ compared to the 5 and 6 stage systems.”

“Aquagreen filter technology makes the system economical and environmentally friendly; the P’ure Balance range is even more efficient with your water supply, saving 20,000L more water compared to classic reverse osmosis systems for the home. Consequently, this benefits the customer as a lot less wastewater will be created, therefore generating a cost-saving.”

“Furthermore, the attractive pre-mounted design makes the system easy to install. The mount can be left free standing without a need for fastening it to the wall or side of the cupboard. The compact design means it can be tucked away anywhere without being out of place.”

“For you dealers out there, your customers will also be needing replacement filters. The system needs Aquaspring to infuse the water with those essential minerals to ensure water is of high-quality water time and time again. Meaning repeat sales of replacement filters.”

It was decided by the team at J&F that their customers needed to be shown this superior product is worthy of the hype. From talking first hand with the staff, it is clear they’re truly backing the P’ure Balance, and they’re more than willing to invest in this upgrade for their customers.

We asked them why they believe P’ure Balance is the best RO drinking system and why their customers should give them a go. Here’s what they said:

“They’re a very effective product, and we want our customers to give them a try. We’re offering free upgrades so that our customers can get them in their hands at no additional cost. That way, they can see for themselves why they are a superior product compared to the 5 and 6 stage drinking systems.”

This deal isn’t around for long, so give it a try, and you never know, P’ure Balance may just become your new favourite domestic water treatment solution for your customers.


*While stocks last*

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