Newsday Tuesday – Skidding Out The Door

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UV Lamps, Skids & Mobiles, Oh My

Luminor Blackcomb UVWell, well! What have we been up to since last week? I’ll tell you… because that’s the point of this post.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Luminor delivery that arrived, providing us with nice, new, shiny UV disinfection units. We now have plenty of Blackcomb units in stock, catering to various flow rates from 0.7m3/hr up to 9.3m3/hr. If you’re in need of replacement sleeves and bulbs we’ve also got you covered, not to mention all the wonderful little extras that go with UV Disinfection systems (remote alarm, sensor module, cooling fan, and so on).

Blackcomb isn’t the only UV system we offer, of course. If you’re looking for UV disinfection on a more commercial or industrial scale, we’ve also got the Rainier and K2 models from Luminor which handle much higher flow rates. Give us a call and we’ll talk about our Luminor range of UV systems and just how flippin’ good they are until you’re sick of it!

Complete Water Treatment System

MO24000 Skid SystemWe aren’t going to talk a whole lot about this here, but it definitely needed mentioning; we’ve recently finished putting together a bespoke water treatment system for a client including duplex water softener, a carbon unit, brine tank, and an MO24000 Reverse Osmosis system. Even better, we had the whole thing fitted and installed onto a custom frame for ease of installation and to keep the whole thing neat, tidy and as a single cohesive unit.

It looks great, and we’re very pleased with the results. You can read more about this little venture very soon in the Info Centre, and we’ll link to it here when it’s up. For now, here’s a funky little picture of the completed skid and the Reverse Osmosis system.


Mobile Website

Our website has recently undergone a lot of changes, as any of our previous visitors will clearly be able to see. Not least of which is our new Info Centre which is coming along nicely and will hopefully be a rich, informative repository for all your water treatment needs. We are constantly striving to improve our website and make it as simple and straight forward to use as possible, while also being full of all the knowledge and information you could want.

Mobile WebsiteOur most recent changes have not been quite so obvious and flashy; we’ve been working hard on getting the mobile version of our website in tip-top shape. We’ve just finished sorting out all the specification tables so you can view them easily on a mobile phone. We know this is particularly important for all you contractors and engineers out there who most likely use their phones while “on the go” for information. You can scroll through the tables under the Specifications section on each page, rather than having to try and resize the page to view all the data.

We’re already pretty happy with the mobile phone version of our website. Even so, we are working on little quality of life changes and tweaks to the menus and general layout to try and make using the website an even better experience when on mobile phones.

If you do have any feedback on our website, then let us know. If something is not working properly, you find a bug or the screen just looks a bit naff, then drop us an email at and we’ll be very grateful.

You know what, send the email straight to if you like. If something is broken then it’s his fault, and you should definitely tell him so! He probably deserves it.

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