Newsday Tuesday – 2021 Products

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Newsday Tuesday - Pandemics and Products

Once again, we are back to our regularly scheduled Newsday Tuesday posts!

It’s been one week since we all returned from the festive holidays and my goodness, doesn’t that feel like a long time ago? Coming back straight into the midst of another pandemic lockdown has made the Christmas break vanish from memory somehow.

As mentioned last week, we’ve put in place new working conditions during the pandemic to ensure we’re remaining as safe as possible and to make sure that we can stay open throughout this pandemic. We really can’t afford to get COVID in our office, so we’re all taking extra precautions.

Everyone is separated into different rooms, and where that isn’t possible, they are either working from home or sitting at the extreme ends of the sales office. Megaphones may have to be installed. It’s also quite challenging to open doors because all the handles are absolutely covered in disinfectant.

Despite the minor disruption the office staff are handling it like champs and settling in to the new working environment nicely.

We’ve also noticed that the pandemic hasn’t stopped any of our regular customers this time around, which is great to see. Water treatment is always needed because, well, water is always needed, so it’s not like our industry can just stop. Everyone we’ve spoken to is taking extra precautions and proceeding as mindfully as they can. So far, it’s also very promising and hopefully we’ll all push through this lockdown and pandemic together with minimal scars.

J&F Water Treatment 2021 Product Line

Being as we’ve all now definitely got both feet firmly planted in the new year, we thought this would be a good time to give you all a little reminder of just what it is we offer. We have numerous products for all aspects of water treatment, but we’re constantly surprised to find that folks don’t always know the full range of what we offer. Hopefully this will help to educate.

Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis Systems

MO3 Reverse Osmosis SystemAlright, so pretty much anyone who knows the name “J&F Water Treatment” probably does know that we do Reverse Osmosis systems. The ultimate system for providing purified water for just about anyone who needs clean water. We sell a whole range of different models and sizes to cater for the simplest domestic needs, all the way up to immense, industrial flow rate requirements.

The RObust range is ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels (or, as it is known in the industry, HoReCa businesses) and anyone requiring purified water at lower quantities.

Our commercial range of Reverse Osmosis systems are capable of producing purified water from 6,500 litres per day up to 36,000 litres per day. These are excellent solutions for smaller businesses such as micro breweries, manufacturers, car washes and pharmaceutical companies.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems are for larger flow rates, with products ranging from 1m3/hour up to 9m3/hour (and if you need something capable of even higher quantities of water than that, then get in touch, we most likely have the solution to help!).

Ecosoft Drinking RO Systems

Pure Balance RO Drinking SystemDomestic Reverse Osmosis systems can be installed easily in people’s homes and provide purified water on-demand. Available pumped and un-pumped, we have 5 and 6 stage RO’s on offer.

We’ve also recently added the Ecosoft P’ure Balance Drinking System range, which provides purified water and has new Aquaspring Technology, which ensures the correct balance of calcium and magnesium are present in the water. This provides healthy, tasty purified water on-demand. Even installation has been made easier via a configuration that comes pre-installed to a metal frame. You could pretty much just slide this thing into place, connect it to the pipes and you’re done.

Luminor UV Disinfection

Blackcomb UV DisinfectantWe believe in providing the most reliable, top quality products for water treatment. Luminor are top of their game when it comes to UV Disinfection. We have a wide range, capable of catering to just about any flow rate required.

The Blackcomb UV product range is by far our most popular, with models and configurations capable of dealing with flow rates between 1.4m3/hour up to 17.7m3/hour. The Blackcomb models are also available with Luminor’s excellent and intuitive controllers. These controllers provide you with 24/7 monitoring, and a host of features to ensure that your UV system is working at its best at all times.

The Blackcomb UV’s also come with a range of extras and upgrades available, including remote alarms, sensor modules, and remote water quality monitors.

We also offer the Rainier range of UV’s, for water flow rates up to 39.7m3/hour and the K2 range for industrial level flow rates up to 142m3/hour.

Water Softeners

Duplex Water SoftenersWhether it’s a cabinet softener for a home, or a Duplex system for a manufacturing business, we have a wide variety of mineral tanks and configurations to provide you with what you need, as well as softener resin and salt for regeneration.

We have 8, 10, 20 and 30 litre cabinet softeners, all supplied with 1″ Clack Valves, either timed or metered. Made for domestic use, these solutions are compact, easy to install and capable of providing softener water for a family home.

Our simplex systems can provide higher levels of softener water, with service flow rates between 0.8m3/hour up to 26m3/hour. Duplex systems provide the same amount of water, but switch the softener tank when one of them needs to go down for maintenance or regeneration. This way, you’ll never have any downtime like you would with a simplex system.

Commercial Water Treatment

We stock a wide variety of different filter media and resins for many different water treatment requirements. Our most popular medias and resins include;

Different Filter Medias

Iron and Manganese Removal – Ecomix and Pyrolox

pH Treatment – Juraperle and Semidol

Turbidity Removal – Filter Ag Plus

Colour & Tannin – TPX4501

Nitrates Removal – NR-1

Hydrogen Sulphide Removal – Aquasorb CX-MCA

Taste, Odour & Chlorine Treatment – Aquasorb CS

We also have many alternatives to those listed above, so please do get in touch if you don’t see what you need, and we’ll do our very best to help.

Filter Cartridges & Carbon Blocks

Filter CartridgesWe do many different types of filter cartridges and carbon blocks. In fact, it would be a much lengthier post if we listed them all here.

We stock spun filters, string filters, pleated filters, single stage carbon filters and carbon blocks.

These products vary in sizes, running from as small as 1 micron filters up to 50 microns. We also have dual gradient filters and all the filter housings for every size available. We offer everything you need for the full solution.

Honestly, you’re probably a bit fed up of hearing about our filter cartridges if you read our Newsday Tuesday posts every week, so we won’t go on about them too much here. Suffice to say, we’ve got them, so order them!

Everything Else

Clack Valves Main ImageDo you need a mineral tank? We’ve got those for sale if that’s all you need. Ranging in sizes from 6″ x 13″ all the way up to the ludicrously sized 48″ x 72″ (which you could honestly live in with a bit of creative thinking).

Do you require brine tanks? We have those too, from 72 litre up to 670 litre capacity, the latter of which could conceivably be the shed to your 48″ x 72″ mineral tank house.

We also provide all the extra components and replacement parts for brine tanks, including airchecks, brine wells, salt grids and hose.

Finally, it would be remiss of us to not mention Clack valves. As mentioned previously, we only want to supply the very best quality products, and all our systems are supplied with Clack valves for this reason. We have CI and CE valves (similar, with the latter having more features and programmable versatility), Time Clock (TC) valves and TT valves for handling the flow and management of duplex systems.

We also provided a guide discussing the merits of drawbacks of MAV vs TT valve Duplex System configurations, which you can read by clicking here.

The Full Product List

This post has already become quite long, so we will stop right here. Whereas the above describes the main “hits,” you can get in touch and talk to our sales staff about the full range of products we offer. We also have a product brochure for anyone who is interested; just give us a call and request one from our sales folks.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, so don’t leave us hanging and give us a call.

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